Rags’ Ruckus


RUDE Girl and RUDE Boy are talking openly and reaching out to our followers today. We are asking for your support.

We at Rude Record are eco-warriors.  We are fighting back over textile waste and inappropriate and unfair processes at our local Tip Shop [dump, recycling facility].  For a bit of juicy gossip my local council has personally threatened me. 

Why?  We have  been asking questions of council’s waste management department, and making suggestions for many years.  It likes to do things its way, and appears not to appreciate feedback.   But in our experience,  it hankers for all your innovative ideas, and will drop you when it gets what it wants.

It appears our council does not embrace constructive criticism, and will attempt to undermine you with false allegations.  And because we keep up the momentum, and have not gone away, it would appear R.J. MItte with his quote may be on to something.

“People don’t want someone that fights back.”  R.J. Mitte ~ Actor

The waste management sector has always been recognised as lacking in transparency.  There are books written on the phenomenon.  It’s not peculiar to where RUDE lives.  It is a global waste management issue.

“There is wealth in waste and riches in rubbish.”  Karen Ellis ~ Recycling Activist

And yes, there is wealth in waste and the sector does not want anyone to get too clued up about it.  There is also a lot of shonky practices in the sector.

This ‘rags’ ruckus’ by RUDE’S council was initiated because I refused to pay $2 for four rags, and haggled a payment of $1 [yes, I did a video featuring the rags as evidence of the utter absurdity]

When you can buy a quality item like a chair for $1, I was definitely not going to pay $2 for four rags.  It was my time to take a stand against The Man.  However, it is not without mental anguish when The Man comes firing his big guns in the form of a letter from council’s legal department.

That’s why we are reaching out to you, our followers on World Mental Health Day.  We are staying connected to get your cyber support.

RUDE hopes that by exposing what is going on, that systems and processes will improve.  In the meantime, we managed to temporarily perk up, and find the humour in the absurdity.

Just like John Oliver would, stick it to The Man and fight back with a funny video.  Enjoy!



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