Fabulous Fringing

Fringe quote

Therefore, I just had to make up my own quote and create a meme.


Above photo:  Rockmans brand skirt refashioned and pom pom trimmed from a child’s dress added to hem. Cost 50 cents. As new cowgirl style boots made in the USA. Cost $1.


Rude Girl’s inspiration. The fringing on the garment in this photo inspired me to add fringing to my cut off denim shorts.

I am absolutely crazy about fringing as an embellishment.  I have no idea where my delight for fringing comes from.   It reflects my sense of fun and frivolity, I suspect.  And I like the playful movement that it creates.


RUDE Girl’s freckled right leg with fringing.


RUDE Girl’s two freckled legs with fringing.


Modelling my scavenger style shorts with fringing. Cost 50 cents. Total outfit $4-$5 maximum. Have had the shoes and two tops for years.

Jen, my mannequin, is wearing a 1990s hooded denim jacket rescued from landfill fate.  I will definitely be removing the sleeves, as these are too short for me.  And I want to cover over the logo.  Should any of you have any ideas for this remake please feel free to let me know.

Beat the Man and do your own embellishing, yey!!


11 thoughts on “Fabulous Fringing

  1. I would cover the patch with another patch. If you have an embroidery machine you can make up one quick. Or as I am doing hand embroidery one and then sew or glue it on over the old one. Can’t wait to see your finished product when you take the sleeves off. I see these in my thrift shops here in the US. Never know what I can do to them to update them.


    • Thank you distein67 for your suggestion. I do not have an embroidery machine but no matter. I will probably cut out shapes from a doily and stitch them on. I am planning to take the sleeves off and replace with woollen jumper sleeves. Will be a job for after our summer now.


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  3. Great legs to show off the fringing! As for the jacket, you could chop off the sleeves and have a gilet, or what I would do is use sleeves from another saved garment, they could be knitted (from a jumper) or a different shade of denim (from a shirt) or maybe the best to go with the cowboy boots would be checked sleeves (from a shirt. Can’t wait to see what you do with it!!?


    • Linda you made me giggle. Yes, for my age my legs, whilst freckly, are not in too bad shape. Time to get them toned for summer. Too much sitting at the computer during winter.

      I like your knitted jumper sleeve idea and I am planning to do that. I have to find the right sleeves and some time. It may be a project for after summer now. I will post if I do anything with it in due course.

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  4. if I wanted to keep the sleeves on, but they are too short, I would only remove the cuff portion and add an accent fabric to lengthen to desired length or add the cuffs back on if you like them..


  5. i recently covered a hole in my daughters leggings with a crocheted star (her choice of shape). A crochet shape or design would cover it nicely. If you kept the jacket sleeveless, a crocheted edge could be added to the edge of the sleeves to tie in too. It’s that boho 90’s look to a tee. 😉
    Love the shorts too. 🙂

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    • Thank you so much for your suggestions. I still think I will be removing the sleeves and popping in some woollen jumper sleeves to make it less bulky feeling. The logo is really large so some crocheted shapes, maybe five would look nice. I could even cut out doily flowers and stitch them over it.

      Thanks for loving my shorts, I do too. Very comfy, and so much fun to wear!

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