Weave Waste

A Navajo blanket weaver. 1905. Photo by Edward S. Curits. Source – National Anthropological Archives.

“You see, when weaving a blanket, an Indian woman leaves a flaw in the weaving of that blanket to let the soul out”  Martha Graham ~ Dancer / Choreographer

This photo above, was RUDE Girl’s inspiration to give weaving a go.  I could make my own wooden loom but that takes time away from other things that I enjoy more.  I therefore decided to start my over and under weaving journey , by making a RUDE cardboard loom.  It measures 54 cm W x 115 cm L, which is the length of my studio table – photo below.


Recycled cardboard box upcycled into a weaving loom by RUDE Girl

Whilst it may look very rude, it gave me great satisfaction crafting it to my specifications from a cardboard box.  It did not take too long to make the loom.  It cost zilch.  And best of all, it reflects back at me what I am seeing in this blog post’s top photo.  Something makeshift, something so simple, yet effective,  and something that defies rampant consumerism and instant gratification.


An end of the cardboard loom showing the warp threads passing through the 2cm spaced slits. The slits we cut to a depth of 3cms.

I am not an avid knitter and have a large bag of wool to reuse.  I am going to use some of it in creating my fabric.  For what intended use?  I am not sure yet.  Actually, it’s just therapeutic being in the flow and not thinking too hard about what I am creating the fabric for.  It’s simply wonderful to be engaging in this craft for the very first time.


The recycled woollen yarn that has been collected over the years.

RUDE Boy was a bit amazed when he realised what I had been talking about doing for the past few weeks.  And that I had made my own loom from cardboard!  Gosh, it’s nothing new to many, I know, but to him it was.  He had never seen the likes of it.  At the end of the day, just before we went to sleep, he praised my first-time weaving efforts, and resourceful loom making skills.

Weaving Woollen Waste

“Each person has his own safe place – running, painting, swimming, fishing, weaving, gardening.  The activity itself is less important than the act of drawing on your own resources”  Barbara Gordon ~ Author

Beat The Man and weave your own path through life!

Some Kind of Beautiful


RUDE Girl was a bit sidetracked last week with her activism related to textiles.  I am passionate about keeping textiles and garments out of landfill.

Many of you followed my making of a bath mat from tee-shirt yarn over on our Facebook page.  You have to be very keen to rummage through dirty and smelly clothes at landfill, to find  tee shirts to make yarn.  And before you make the yarn you have to soak, wash and dry the tee-shirts!


Knitted bath mat by RUDE Girl made with recycled tee-shirts sourced from landfill.

To make this tee-shirt bath mat took about 22 tee-shirts and was very labour intensive.  It would have been cheaper and quicker to simply go and buy a bath mat from a department store.

I therefore continue to lobby my municipality for rags and poor quality clothes, to be free of charge, as opposed to them not selling, and then being dumped into landfill.


Soiled, worn and unsorted textiles, mostly poor quality synthetics at City of Melton’s TIP SHOP, Melbourne, Australia.

Anyway we have been having an issue with our local municipality, namely the Rags’ Ruckus.  The issue looks like it will all be resolved by the end of the week.  We want to thank Councillor Lara Carli for stepping up on our behalf, and really listening to our story.  If she did not know much about the municipality’s Tip Shop, and the health, safety and pricing issues, she does now.

And Bowerbirds Journal member Jacqui for your very empathetic post, particularly your words as follows:

“You have my sympathy, but I know you’ll fight back with logic, evidence and good humour.”

Last week, as support,  I was sent this little highlight from a blog follower.  It’s from the movie Some Kind of Beautiful with Pierce Brosnan.  She urged me to listen to my own advice about The Man.  You will get where she was coming from, when you see the video clip. Here is the link https://youtu.be/_wBl2Tatu34

Rags’ Ruckus


RUDE Girl and RUDE Boy are talking openly and reaching out to our followers today. We are asking for your support.

We at Rude Record are eco-warriors.  We are fighting back over textile waste and inappropriate and unfair processes at our local Tip Shop [dump, recycling facility].  For a bit of juicy gossip my local council has personally threatened me. 

Why?  We have  been asking questions of council’s waste management department, and making suggestions for many years.  It likes to do things its way, and appears not to appreciate feedback.   But in our experience,  it hankers for all your innovative ideas, and will drop you when it gets what it wants.

It appears our council does not embrace constructive criticism, and will attempt to undermine you with false allegations.  And because we keep up the momentum, and have not gone away, it would appear R.J. MItte with his quote may be on to something.

“People don’t want someone that fights back.”  R.J. Mitte ~ Actor

The waste management sector has always been recognised as lacking in transparency.  There are books written on the phenomenon.  It’s not peculiar to where RUDE lives.  It is a global waste management issue.

“There is wealth in waste and riches in rubbish.”  Karen Ellis ~ Recycling Activist

And yes, there is wealth in waste and the sector does not want anyone to get too clued up about it.  There is also a lot of shonky practices in the sector.

This ‘rags’ ruckus’ by RUDE’S council was initiated because I refused to pay $2 for four rags, and haggled a payment of $1 [yes, I did a video featuring the rags as evidence of the utter absurdity]

When you can buy a quality item like a chair for $1, I was definitely not going to pay $2 for four rags.  It was my time to take a stand against The Man.  However, it is not without mental anguish when The Man comes firing his big guns in the form of a letter from council’s legal department.

That’s why we are reaching out to you, our followers on World Mental Health Day.  We are staying connected to get your cyber support.

RUDE hopes that by exposing what is going on, that systems and processes will improve.  In the meantime, we managed to temporarily perk up, and find the humour in the absurdity.

Just like John Oliver would, stick it to The Man and fight back with a funny video.  Enjoy!


Fabulous Fringing

Fringe quote

Therefore, I just had to make up my own quote and create a meme.


Above photo:  Rockmans brand skirt refashioned and pom pom trimmed from a child’s dress added to hem. Cost 50 cents. As new cowgirl style boots made in the USA. Cost $1.


Rude Girl’s inspiration. The fringing on the garment in this photo inspired me to add fringing to my cut off denim shorts.

I am absolutely crazy about fringing as an embellishment.  I have no idea where my delight for fringing comes from.   It reflects my sense of fun and frivolity, I suspect.  And I like the playful movement that it creates.


RUDE Girl’s freckled right leg with fringing.


RUDE Girl’s two freckled legs with fringing.


Modelling my scavenger style shorts with fringing. Cost 50 cents. Total outfit $4-$5 maximum. Have had the shoes and two tops for years.

Jen, my mannequin, is wearing a 1990s hooded denim jacket rescued from landfill fate.  I will definitely be removing the sleeves, as these are too short for me.  And I want to cover over the logo.  Should any of you have any ideas for this remake please feel free to let me know.

Beat the Man and do your own embellishing, yey!!