Winners are Grinners


RUDE Girl wears hat that was saved from landfill fate. Bought from her local TIP SHOP for 50 cents!

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.

Mahatma Gandhi


RUDE’S weekly Friday blog post from 18 September is very late.  But better late than never, with some wonderful news.  RUDE Girl is a winner, yey!!

I entered a competition on Facebook to win a desk top computer.  Greenpower Recycling  [Facebook Page] was running the competition.  All I had to do was like the post and share it.

I must say that my current computer has been recycled over the past decade, from bits and pieces of e-waste from the local tip shop.  To win a recycled computer that is newer and faster is very much appreciated.  Thank you to Greenpower Recycling [website] for the opportunity to enter its competition.

Beat The Man by recycling your e-waste for reuse!


2 thoughts on “Winners are Grinners

    • Thank you Linda. I collected it yesterday. It is yet to be set up but it runs a lot quieter than my current computer and should be a bit faster to load graphics. RUDE Boy has to do some fine tuning of it our end before it’s set up, and programs have to be added.

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