Tip Shop Mannequin


I love fake people provided they are mannequins.”
Pushpa Rana, Just the Way I Feel

We try to post a project a day on our Facebook page at Rude Record.  We love to share with our likers what we reuse and repair.  But there is also an ulterior motive to our daily posts.  Yes, you probably guessed it.  We are held accountable and do not procrastinate.

The other day we rescued Jen [named after model and Miss World, Australia’s Jen Hawkins]  from the graveyard [landfill] .  RUDE Boy had a few laughs from Tip Shop customers bemused at him carrying Jen, in intimate places, to our car.  She was dressed in the black dress [photo below] but boy did she need a good scrub.

We were keen to bring Jen home because RUDE Girl can now display garments on her,  and leave my two dress forms free for garment fittings.  Jen has since had a good scrub and currently graces our hall way.  At the moment when you open the front door she is in the raw.  There is now another rude girl in the RUDE household besides me.


Jen is draped in tangled yarn found at the point of landfill.


Jen was gracing the Tip Shop in this Red Berry synthetic frock. Awful quality but great design. Very 1920s and reflects RUDE’S Scavenger Style. Canvas in background was rescued from landfill and covered in recycled fabric.


Jen’s 3/4 cotton coat was rescued from the point of landfill. No brand and no care instructions but RUDE is loving it.


RUDE is happy Jen has been saved from an untimely burial in the ground at landfill. For $5 and some TLC she has been rescued to grace RUDE’S blog and hallway.

Beat The Man by not being shy or hesitant, and rescue a damsel in distress!


3 thoughts on “Tip Shop Mannequin

  1. Nice work! I’m sure she’s a little warmer now in that coat. 😉

    As an aside, thank you for sharing your knowledge of sashiko mending. I mended a small hole in my sons school trousers and worked a little sashiko around the outside (there wasn’t a large area of weakness thankfully) and they will now once again be able to be used. It felt good to repair them and once finished I kept looking for more to mend! It was FUN! 😀


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