Refashioned Exhibition – A Tribute Video


Refashioned by Box Hill Institute Bachelor of Fashion students Rachel Mufale & My Ha San


Refashioned by Box Hill Institute Bachelor of Fashion students Lauren Taylor & Sarah Sabatinelli

On Friday 28 August, 2015 RUDE Girl attended the Refashioned Exhibition held during Melbourne Spring Fashion Week at the Council of Adult Education in Flinders Lane, Melbourne, Australia.

What this exhibition inspired in me, is that there is hope that our young emerging fashion designers are being trained in sustainable fashion practices.  Whether this training can be transferred to an industry hell-bent on fast fashion, is yet to be realised on a full-scale.  It is my prediction, that the students I met and spoke with, will be prepared and ready to upcycle recycled fabric, as limited virgin resources become more and more a reality.

This exhibition was a huge highlight for RUDE Girl.  I was incredibly inspired first and foremost by the students I met  – Sarah Sabatinelli and Rachel Mufale.  These young women were knowledgeable and informative about their brief, and presented it well to the public.   And secondly, I was impressed by the stunning re-creations of all the students.  I made a comment that they must have exceptional tutors. 

This photo video of the exhibition that’s presented below was my first and only take.  In other words, my praises for this entire exhibition came with glowing ease and required no edits.  I simply had to pay tribute to the future of fashion, in this fashion.  Bravo Box Hill Institute of Fashion!


6 thoughts on “Refashioned Exhibition – A Tribute Video

  1. I think the world of fast fashion is a difficult one to crack?! It’s all about profit isn’t it. And there are so many shoppers who are only interested in their cheap buys. Maybe slowly things will change, I believe they have to and this way of fashioning is a brilliant start! The denim looks great. Did you see the collection I featured for Kelly DawnRiot,!formication/vf80a the prints are beautiful and everything was created locally, including the sample garments which I made in my dining room. Baby steps!

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  2. This is definitely encouraging to see! I think there are few challenges to overcome – a) getting a consistent and regular supply of waste textiles that’s of good quality to work with; and b) changing people’s mindsets that upcycled waste textiles are rags and dirty. Great post, Karen!

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    • Yes, it is encouraging and there is hope but as we know there are many challenges in the ‘real’ world.

      Agy, I was surprised by the few people who came in to see the exhibition whilst I was there. Not much time was spent savouring the refashions. And not many questions were asked.

      I am glad you enjoyed the post!


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