Crayon Breaker


RUDE Girl is also a crayon melter

Practice the dismemberment of the expected ~ Philippe Petit / artist and author

Artists are just children who refuse to put down their crayons.  Al Hirschfeld


Rude Record was approached a couple of weeks ago by a magazine to do a ‘how to make a……… ‘ with photos. RUDE was flattered but had to politely decline because it’s not our thing for numerous reasons as follows:

Firstly  why reinvent the wheel?  There are so many talented people who shine in this area.  We are happy to leave it to them.  We will even shout out about them when relevant.

Secondly, we are retired, and making step by step instructions would feel like such a chore.  It’s so much more fun creating first take and unscripted videos.  We do not plan anything.  It’s all spur of the moment, and we love it that way.

Thirdly, there is no step by step to anything we do.  A lot of what we create is trial and error.  We love to make mistakes and then fix them.  This type of creative process shuns step by step written instructions.

Fourthly, we do not want to get sued.  Some of the stuff that RUDE Boy tinkers with, is best left to the experts and qualified tradespeople.

We like to share broadly about what we do, and leave the rest to you, our followers, to spin your own interpretation on it.  It’s all about inspiration for us, not prescriptive rules and steps.  We hope to inspire people to think outside the box.  And also to share the many benefits that we have found, and are still finding, to this approach to life.

HOWEVER, never say never to ever doing a How to Video.  Want to know how to wax seal an envelope closed with a crayon?  Here’s RUDE Girl’s how to instructions in the video below.  I love breaking my own rules, yey!

Beat The Man by improvising, and use things for what they were NOT intended for!


4 thoughts on “Crayon Breaker

  1. My daughter bought a posh calligraphy set for herself on a trip to Italy. The stamp of course had her initial. Didn’t work, the wax wouldn’t melt properly…she was so disappointed! However now we can try your way. what household doesn’t have wax crayons left over from children’s young years and I can be a bit of a hoarder with some things. Great tip!


  2. Hi Linda, thank you for following Rude Record and for your story. Yes, I understand about the ‘real’ sealing wax not working, and have had similar issues at times. That’s why i decided to try the wax Crayola crayons. I had no idea if they would work as sealing wax, it was just a thought and it did work. However, I will warn you that the cheaper crayons [no brand] I have tried to melt, have not worked in this manner. Let me know how your daughter goes using a crayon.


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