RUDE Repairs

RUDE has been travelling around this last week and we are still on the road.  This week’s blog post will be short and sweet.

Before we left home, we tried some Selley’s Shoe Glue which came highly recommended from a Byron Bay Shoemaker.  We have glued the bits needing to be repaired.  As yet RUDE Girl has not had a chance to test the repair on these boots which were scored from a neighbour’s GARAGE SALE for $4 total.  Check out the video below.

RUDE girl will mend anything, even old undies, with a bit of life left in them.  The $22 for these Bonds trunks is a bit over the top, so we try to buy up big when they are on special for half price.  These are worth framing at $22 but for $10 they are definitely worth mending.  Check out the video below.

On our travels this week, RUDE girl scored a little round vintage sewing basket.


Vintage Sewing Basket circa 1970s

I have seen these in Vinnies and The Salvos charity stores for $6 to $8, and not in as good as condition.  This little cutie cost $1 but it required a quick fix repair job, as explained in the video below:
RUDE boy has worn a large hole through another pair of his vintage red tab Levi’s.  You may have read that US Levi stores and outlets are giving 20 per cent off vouchers for old jeans.  You can read more here.  If this incentive was in Australia, there is no way the Levi company would be getting RUDE Boy’s vintage jeans.  They are priceless and cannot be bought back.


RUDE Boy’s priceless vintage red tab Levi denim jeans ready for sashiko mending.

I have unpicked the seams, so that when I return home next week, I can start to sashiko mend a third pair of RUDE boy’s jeans.  Check out the video below.

Beat The Man and repair!  It’s fun and very rewarding.


4 thoughts on “RUDE Repairs

  1. Thanks for the reminder. I have a pair of my husbands good woolen socks to darn today. As much as darning can be time consuming and isn’t always the best fun, I enjoy it because of 2 reasons. 1, the satisfaction of mending and giving new life to something others would think is useless and 2, I sit and darn whilst I watch a movie which justifies watching telly with the long list of chores awaiting me. 😉

    Lovely little mending basket too. It would be a real joy to pick it up with whatever needs mending and sitting down to do it. 🙂


    • Rabidlittlehippy, thank you for sharing this website and the poignantly written article from Linda Holliday. I have shared the website and have made reference to the article in my current blog post titled Scrap Woollen Quilt. Thanks so much for the inspiration!! I am currently ripping my scrap fabric into strips to crochet these together with a jumbo hook. I am just practising at this point and not making anything specific.

      Liked by 1 person

      • Glad you enjoyed it. I’m crocheting away too, making a cat cave for Maxxie our cat. It’s bought yarn but some I bought ages ago. I’m using up the stash and any small scraps are being turned into granny squares for a blanket for our bed. My husband has a jumper on the repair pile at the moment but I’m itching to frog it and recreate with it instead. Shhh, it’s a favourite of his! 😉
        LOVING your blog too. Most seriously inspiring. 🙂


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