Stuff with Soul

Ordinary men live among marvels and feel no wonder, grow familiar with objects and learn nothing new about them.  George Henry Lewes

Eventually everything connects – people, ideas, objects. The quality of the connections is the key to quality per se.  Charles Eames


Two Japanese women with a Sony Aibo robotic dog

This morning RUDE read this article about how Sony has closed down its Aibo robotic dog repair service.  We hope our followers read the article because it is what inspired our blog post this Friday.

The title of the article indicates it’s a sad story.  RUDE does not see it that way.  Yes, the story is heartfelt but for us it is also hopeful.  If these robotic dogs are repaired for as long as possible, they will not end up in landfills, and their spare parts will be reused.  By all accounts the repair of Aibos is keeping a technician in rewarding work.  But he does indicate getting the parts is difficult, and going to become more so.  What a challenge for someone to come along and solve this dilemma.

There is research written about humans and why to varying degrees we love inanimate objects.  RUDE Girl can relate because a few years ago I performed a funeral for our 37 years’ old oven.  It just could not be repaired anymore, and parts were getting harder to source.

Old Oven

Westinghouse wall oven with a fahrenheit scale that was given a fitting funeral after 37 years service.

Oven's Funeral 1

Before leaving for the appliance graveyard.

Oven burial 2

Our Westinghouse oven at its final resting place.

The link below is a good read and also makes mention to a funeral for a microwave.  And in the video about the Aibo robotic dogs, in the above article, there is also a funeral for a pack of them.

There can be no denying that RUDE likes certain stuff or objects.  We rescue and repair unloved and oftentimes broken and worn things.   How do we reason our love of other people’s junk.

RUDE believes there are all different types of love, and we think if people get their heads around love in this way, then it becomes more comfortable to express love for their stuff.

RUDE is big on repair and mending stuff, we love to do it.  Therefore we require objects to work on and must go seeking them out.  We do not always love the stuff we bring home but we do love the potential that this stuff may contribute to our lives.

Snapshot 2 (10-07-2015 3-27 PM).jpg

RUDE Boy’s second pair of sashiko mended red tab Levi jeans.

The love for the object grows as our hands and brains move into action to inject some of our soul into the thing.  For example, many of you know I have been sashiko mending RUDE Boy’s Levi jeans [above photo] that he loves to wear.

Whilst I appreciated the fact that these jeans were secondhand and cost very little, I have developed a stronger connection [or love] to them, now that I have spent many hours mending them.  When I look at my hand work, walking around on RUDE Boy’s legs, it stirs in me something special, that I never felt before, when I looked at his jeans.

Here is a link to an article about loving inanimate objects.

Beat The Man and lovingly care for your stuff.  In RUDE’S opinion, it will be more meaningful if you develop a relationship to your things by spending time and effort saving and repairing them.


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