RUDE Boy Rocks Disruptive DIY

Men, we don’t get much, as far as holidays go – Father’s Day.


RUDE Boy is on a break away from his part-time employment for 6 weeks and has been doing some odd jobs.  We cannot get enough of his fix-it acumen.  I have let him know he has a wife not a life, and there is no rest.  That there is time enough to rest when you are dead!  Oh dear, I do hope you all get our Aussie humour and that there is a ‘u’ in humor.

These light fittings were both rescued from landfill.  But the dish shaped retro 60s light fitting fits the decor better.  The three pendant light fitting has been replaced.  We just had a check on eBay and the retro 60s fitting was $40.  Ours cost a couple of dollars.  It still has the original brown Bakelite light globe holders.

Snapshot 2 (26-06-2015 4-06 PM)

Three pendant light fitting from landfill has been replaced. Handmade place mat it sits upon is one of two and was also rescued from landfill.

Snapshot 1 (26-06-2015 4-05 PM)

1960s retro light fitting rescued from landfill has replaced the three pendant light fitting.

The Vulcan hot water system that has been removed by RUDE Boy was 18 years old and rusted out.  He sourced a secondhand Rheem 400 litre electric hot water service on eBay for $150.  New, these systems are priced around $1,600.  And then of course there is the plumber and electrician costs to add-on top of that.  RUDE Boy doing this disruptive DIY has saved our household $1,800 or thereabouts.

Snapshot 4 (26-06-2015 4-12 PM)

18-year-old Vulcan electric hot water system 315L has seen better days.

Snapshot 5 (26-06-2015 4-12 PM)

7-year-old Rheem electric hot water system 400L purchased on eBay for $150.00. Works a treat!

Beat The Man and be disruptive, if safe to do so, and you can!  Oh, and the hot shower was lovely.


4 thoughts on “RUDE Boy Rocks Disruptive DIY

  1. I’m amazed by what you can find in your landfill! I was just talking to my hubby about this and we realised that over here, you get fined for picking stuff out of the tips, and then everything (apart from recyclables) is incinerated!


  2. Thank you for your comment. I am amazed that you would get fined. But I do understand there are different social norms and laws in Singapore. May i ask Agy, do you or can you swap and barter stuff with friends? Maybe this is something a group could consider setting up. Do you have Freecycle Singapore? Also, do you have salvage yards or sheds where you can go to get secondhand items? I am assuming not, but i really do not know. Thank you.


    • I have just shouted out to Rude Boy in the next room that you think he’s amazing. He says thank you Restyle4life. And yes, I am one very blessed RUDE Girl. We are an awesome team when we put our frugal minds together.


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