Cloche and Crochet

Hello to RUDE’S followers and thank you for following our blog.  Many of you know that RUDE Girl writes a weekly Friday blog post.  I really love sharing our frugal journey with you all.

It’s now 8pm in Melbourne, Australia as I write this blog post.  RUDE had another priority today, and that was to do some housework!!  Yes, boring but it could not be put off any longer.  Lots of dust on the floorboards and furniture.  And the cork flooring in the kitchen really did need to be mopped over. My feet were sticking to the floor, yikes!

Another thing RUDE has been doing a bit off in the last few days is de-cluttering.  We have given some stuff away but have also been selling some things on Ebay and Buy Swap Sell sites.  We do not really enjoy selling as a rule, however it has bought in a little bit of extra play money.

Anyway, because it’s getting late I am doing a quick post this Friday.  I just have to share that I have been making cloche caps or capats out of recycled fabric. I wanted to make a contemporary cloche capat out of denim.  The fashion article titled Denim Revolution below inspired me to create a new look cloche with a vintage twist.

Denim Rev Weekend Sat 13 Jun 2015

Photo source: Weekend Liftout Sunday Herald Sat 13 June 2015

I adore 1920s style fashion and it really does suit my tall and lean frame.  I am definitely not suited to 1950s style as there is no hourglass shape happening with me.  And I do not like any clothes that are waisted, preferring to accentuate my hips.

1920s Style Fashion


Vintage denim skirt made in Australia. Rescued from landfill. Fabric used to make a cloche cap.

I have made three cloche capats so far, and then realised I required crocheted flowers to embellish the caps.  Therefore this week I taught myself to crochet with the help of some very helpful Youtube videos, such as Craft4Love and bobwilson123.

2015-06-15 14.20.42

Right side view of cloche with handmade crocheted flower

Denim Cloche Cap

Denim cloche capat handmade by RUDE Girl


Lace cloche capat [photo from the internet]. RUDE Girl would like to make something like this for a wedding.

“The right hat may also enliven our imagination of the past….an old-fashioned cloche, a picture hat, or a toque trimmed with a pouf of polka-dotted veiling is just enough to make us feel as if we were living in another, romantic age”.  ~ anon

I am currently making a cloche from red fulled wool and plan to add a purple crocheted flower or heart.  The red jumper that was fulled was rescued from landfill.  I have my daughter’s wedding in December and if my hair is still very short, I would like to make and wear a lined lace cloche.  Not sure yet but plenty of time to practise cloche making.  I would really like to crochet a cloche capat but have to find a tutorial on Youtube, as I do not like following written patterns.

Beat The Man and be your very own milliner!




7 thoughts on “Cloche and Crochet

  1. I love the look of your Cloche hats!
    I look terrible in hats. My ears just don’t play along well. Question, where did you learn to make them? I”m thinking with all my scraps, these would be a great new way to use up my larger scraps. I too crochet, so embellishments won’t be a problem.


    • Thank you Bunny. Yes, some people say they look awful in hats. I am not sure about that, but if you feel weird you will probably look uncomfortable, and not wear the hat well. Many like me do not like hat hair, so i just shaved my hair off to comfortably wear the cloches. Clever hey?

      I am a self-taught cloche maker but did get inspiration from a few places. All trial and error just cutting a shape and pinning it to my head. Voila!

      Yes, a great way to use up scraps. And i imagine you have loads of scrap fabric in that basement of yours.


    • Joli thank you so much for your lovely comment about my cloches. It inspired me to make a red ‘alpine’ cloche that I posted on RUDE’S Facebook blog at Rude Record. I hope you are progressing with all your craftiness, now that you have that thrift score from The Salvos.


  2. Oooh. Very nice! Beautiful job. I love the idea of a lace cloche. I guess fashion wise I am the opposite of you as I love the 50s style and could never wear the lean clothing of the 1920s sadly. 😦 I also look terrible in hats. Boo hoo. I will live vicariously through you.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you Restyle4life for making me smile. I had a chuckle about ‘lean’ clothing. There are a lot of people who say they look terrible in hats. I am finding it hard to believe. I wonder if it really is the case or that people feel too self conscious to wear them these days, unless going to the races or a fancy dress.


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