Dumped Denim

Dumped Denim 29 May 2015

I feel most comfortable in an old pair of jeans, Converse, and a man’s jersey. My best friend cuts my hair with kitchen scissors.

Jane Birkin

RUDE Girl is relating to the above quote by the gorgeous Jane Birkin.  I rescue and wear old jeans from landfill.  I love my Converse sneakers also from landfill.  I cut off most of my bob with the kitchen scissors a few weeks ago.  Then RUDE boy finished the trim with a No 4 Furiosa inspired by the current Mad Max movie.

2015-05-11 17.15.07
Photo above: My Furiosa No 4 hair cut.

When you spend a fast amount of time on the Wastelands [landfill] like Furiosa, you do not need to be primping and preening oneself.  Shaving my hair off frees up time to go scavenging and scrounging whilst looking the part.

I am currently sourcing denim garments from landfill.  I seek out the denim made with cotton as a preference.  I have been inspired to collect it because I have been getting into sashiko mending in a big way.  And the other reason is that I have been reminded of its beauty and functionality after borrowing the book Denim Dudes by Amy Leverton.

Denim-Dudes-Book-01-960x640Photo above:  Sourced from http://www.selectivism.com

RUDE boy is wondering why he has not been featured in this book about guys and their denim duds.  Actually I am too, because there is no serious attention given to sashiko mending and denim jeans.  RUDE boy is obviously setting the Sashiko Scavenger Style trend here in Australia.  The rest of the world is a bit slow to catch on!!

Check out another RUDE sashiko mending project on the video below.


Beat the Man and rescue dumped denim to sashiko mend and then wear!


2 thoughts on “Dumped Denim

    • Thank you Agatha. My new ‘no hair’ style is incredibly liberating. I get that not many women could do it. For me it just frees up time. I can wear my winter cloche hats without worrying about hat hair. Your bob is practical too and suits your face 🙂


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