Upcycled Shirt to Upcycled Dress

  • upcycling_quoteReiner Pilz and upcycling here.

RUDE certainly values the old product.  In this post RUDE Girl [Karen] that’s me, demonstrates that this paisley printed rayon fabric was once a man’s shirt.  It was beautifully made in the Philippines, and was rescued from landfill fate.  I was taken by the colours of purple and turquoise in the print.  And I thought there would be something I could do with the garment.

The first upcycle involved the shirt being decreased in size with different sleeves being added.  The sleeves came from a pair of rescued jeggings, also from landfill.

I wore the shirt top last winter but it was not a favourite piece, as I do not wear shirts.  The collar was annoying and always felt out of place = it just did not sit right, probably because it was a soft rayon without the addition of interfacing.

The first two videos below are of the shirt being upcycled and the third video is where it is styled.




For this winter I decided to hack into this shirt again, and I re-upcycled it into a dress.  I rescued a Target brand top from landfill.  Chopped off the bottom of it, and attached the bottom of the shirt top after chopping off the collar and sleeves.

Photos below:  This year’s re-upcycled creation showing both front and back.  The Kangol pure wool beret was scored from a charity shop many years ago for $1.  The necklace is from bits and pieces found at the local tip shop near landfill.


SAMSUNGBeat The Man and Re-upcycle!


4 thoughts on “Upcycled Shirt to Upcycled Dress

    • Thank you so much for taking the time to comment and provide feedback. All my refashions are very simple. I am able to use patterns and would like to do more piecing work with secondhand fabric cut from garments but time is my issue because I am across so many things. This refash was quick and easy but very effective and comfortable. It can be styled with a belt. I wore it the other day with tights and boots.


  1. This turned out fabulously. I never would have thought to make sleeves out of jeggings and I love that you redid it once more into a dress. Dresses are my absolute favourites. Was this shirt damaged or torn when you rescued it? if not, why on earth to people throw stuff like this out? I just don’t understand why we’re trashing all this useable fabric onto our planet. I love it what you did!


  2. Thank you for you commenst and questions at Restyle4Life. I am glad you think it turned out fab. Makes me smile. I am not big on dresses but have been embracing this style. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the shirt when it was rescued. I am glad that the person did throw it out for me to love again and again. And I am pleased I have opened your mind to using the legs of jeggings as sleeves. Fast fashion can be sustainable if we re-make it so.


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