Terrific Terry Towelling Turbans


RUDE girl has just discovered there are not many quotes about turbans.  I could not find a quote for this post.  Therefore I will make my own quote.

“The closest I will get to India is wearing my handmade terry toweling turbans”  Karen Ellis / Frugal Homebody

I picked up an old beach towel from the point of landfill the other day.  It was a bit worn but still had lots of wear.  I have a huge pile of secondhand beach towels, therefore I decided to cut this towel up for turbans to wear after shampooing my hair.

I do not mind using secondhand towels because its the same thing as using towels in a motel or staying overnight at a friend’s house.  All I did with this towel is soak it for 24 hours, wash it and hang it out to dry in the sunshine.

Check out RUDE’S short how to make a turban from a towel video here



SAMSUNGPhotos above:  The same handmade turban from three different angles

Photo below:  Rescued beach towel cut into x3 [x6 pieces total] turban shapes


After cutting out the shapes all that was required was to over lock stitch the crown shaped areas.  Add buttons and loops and voila.  Turban time!

Photo below:  My turban has pride of place between two secondhand towels also rescued from landfill years ago.  Just by chance the colours actually match!


Beat The Man and embrace frugal turban fashion!  And a fact, secondhand towels are oftentimes more absorbent than new towels.


2 thoughts on “Terrific Terry Towelling Turbans

  1. HAHAHA! I love that you made your own quote about turbans. this is a cool DIY, I could definitely use one! I have some stained towels that look gross in my bathroom, but I could cut them up and make these.


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