Something to Something that’s Something!

The thing about the basics is they don’t really change – it’s the details and the proportions that change. The shirt may be cut slimmer or looser, the suit might be darker or lighter, the sneakers might not have laces, but you’re still talking about shirts and suits and sneakers.

John Varvatos


I was giving too much time and effort to matters not worthy of my attention.  It takes a slap in the face to sometimes move me on and upwards.

My creative life was REvived as a result.  RUDE girl finally REdiscovered her studio late last week. 

It was lovely to REmake this Ben Sherman shirt [below] into a skirt for a young girl or small size 8 woman.


And this shoulder bag [below] from a pair of jeans that were given to me by Patrick from the Melton Sustainable Living Group.  I have used an unusually deep pocket on the front of the bag.


This Monday night, all going well I hope to go to Tap and Funk dancing lessons.  RUDE Girl loves to dance!

Beat the Man and funk him off!


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