Share the Joy of Creativity

The thrill of performing – that’s something that hasn’t changed for me. That simultaneous joy of creating something and sharing it with an audience – it’s the same now as it was then, when it was just my cousins’ birthday party.

Steve Buscemi

As a child RUDE Girl would hold little singing and dancing concerts on the back porch.  There were costumes, a record player and vinyl 78s and 45s.  For many years, I had no idea that the love of childlike performances made me go ‘into the flow‘.

In the video below, I am coming out of my cubby house that was originally built by my father to house the briquettes.  I was performing to the camera even back then.  I loved my little cubby house. I had been cleaning some items in the cubby with that green rag in my hand.  I was happy in my little space in the corner of our garden.  My sister was not a performer, evidenced by her hands on her hips at my antics!

My energy for performance was channelled into the sport of marching [she can move probably thought my parents, so let’s make it disciplined like marching, and not provocative like dance]

I have always felt comfortable in front of an audience.  It’s only in recent years, that I have come to realise that I have something creative to contribute to an interested audience.  And that my creativity was always there but hiding away.  It was just never encouraged at home, at school or in the workforce.

Followers may remember from a previous post that RUDE was not invited to participate at the local Sustainability Expo last month.  And with a bit of noise making, I did get to present our Beat The Man approach to life.  Here are some video highlights of that talk below.  Should anyone want a DVD of the whole presentation please contact us via email.  We have a lot more to say about how we beat the man in our daily lives.

Karen at Expo 2015

As you get older, you know more and more based on your experience, and you have more to share with people who haven’t had that experience. But it’s an even exchange, because while you’re focusing them and giving them craft, they’re sharing contemporary taste. So you’re prolonging your creative years. You’re staying younger, thanks to that compact.

Harold Prince

RUDE hoped to inspire its followers with interesting posts.  What has been unexpected for RUDE, is our followers are inspiring us as well.  We are sharing the joy, of not only frugal, but our feelings too.  We know many of our followers are younger than us, and can relate to the Harold Prince comment above.  The following was a private message from a young woman this week.

“Thanks for sharing your blog with me too. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reading it thus far. You remind me very much of my mum and I feel a little like RUDE girl at times – I love being silly, in fact, that’s one of the many terms of endearment my friends have for me.

Re this statement, ‘I am much about encouraging myself to channel my childhood roots and unleash my creative side too’, it made me think of this TED talk I have seen. You have probably seen it too as I know it was v. popular. If you haven’t seen it I hope you enjoy it, and if you have seen it I hope you enjoyed it!”

Beat The Man and give your children a creative education!


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