Rude Remedy

Of all the home remedies, a good wife is best.

Kin Hubbard

RUDE is all about the joy of a simple and frugal lifestyle.  We believe there is no need to rush off to the general practitioner [GP] for every little ailment that we may experience.

Creative thinking is what RUDE employs to all matter of things, including our medical and health care.  How can we avoid going to the GP at the first sign of a cough or a touch of conjunctivitis?  How can we frugally manage treatment of our ailments?  If we lived in a small populated rural area, had coryza, would we travel by car for a GP appointment hundreds of miles away, only to be told we needed strict bed rest and tender loving care?!!

10906057_791245350947494_4594120099112054729_nPhoto Source:  Trust Medical, UK

I [Karen] recently experienced a sore eye socket and some minor associated conjunctivitis.  Rather than rush off to the GP for a diagnosis and a script for antibiotic ointment, I decided to try saline washes and cold tea compresses.  I did not use camomile tea like in this article, choosing to try Twinnings Lady Grey.

Twinnings Lady Grey tea contains blue cornflower petals [and citrus peels] and I decided to give it a try as an eye wash.  Within two days the conjunctivitis had cleared and within 3 days the soreness had gone.  Read here about how cornflower has been used medicinally on the eyes.

Beat The Man and if appropriate, try those rude remedies in your pantry! 

And, it you are wondering, Twinnings of London’s Lady Grey tea makes a delicious brew.  The 125g packets would normally cost $7.99 AUD at the supermarket.  We stocked up and bought bulk packets at $1.89 AUD!


One thought on “Rude Remedy

  1. This is great. We also try home remedies but for both remedy and prevention. I’ve got preserved kum quat and lemon for cleansing and sore throats, chrysanthemum flowers for preventing the on set of sore throats, and I will add the Lady Grey to that list too!


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