A Rude Director

Pick up a camera. Shoot something. No matter how small, no matter how cheesy, no matter whether your friends and your sister star in it. Put your name on it as director. Now you’re a director. Everything after that you’re just negotiating your budget and your fee.

James Cameron

“In reality, everyone has something to say, but they’re not picking and choosing which things work and which things don’t matter, so they bury their message under everyone else.”

Spencer Lum / Photographer

SAMSUNGPhoto above:  RUDE GIRL’S ‘new to her’ JVC Camcorder GZHM870BAA bought off Ebay

Apparently these days everyone is shooting videos due to smart phone technology.  You see some evidence of this fact when the nightly news on television uses amateur footage of events. 

RUDE GIRL [Karen] embraced this medium for a bit of frugal fun about a year ago.  Roughly about the same time this blog was created.  At that point I was using my 10-year-old Sony camera.  It had its limitations but it captured some of my antics for a Marching Girls Facebook Group that I administrate.  I have posted one or two of those earlier videos on my blog as an example of backyard frugal fun Aussie style. 

I came to realise very quickly that this medium is an incredibly powerful way to convey a story, hobby and/or interest.  I also came to realise that this medium offered me a creative freedom I had never experienced before.

I am well suited to interview style video making because I like to ask questions, and have a curiosity about what people think and feel.  I enjoy videoing RUDE’S lifestyle journey and interests.   I must say some people are not interested in sharing things about themselves on video, and have told me so.  That’s absolutely fine, as there are many more people who are only too pleased that I am keen to record their unexamined lives. 

And I have found making digital videos is easy.  Anyone can do it.  However, to create and edit digital videos with your computer is not so easy.  You have to have a good imagination and the gift of the gab, especially if you are shooting and interviewing without a script and/or storyboard.  You have to be very good at multitasking, directing others with confidence and purpose, and proficient in editing programs like Windows Movie Maker and Pinnacle Studio.

Maybe that’s why a lot of bloggers RUDE follows do not use video, preferring to use photographs.  Or maybe these bloggers simply do not have the time to devote time to creating a visual reference in video format.

The passage below is from the book Online Video by Andrew Shalat which pretty much explains the attraction of video for RUDE.

“Each of us now has the individual power to coerce, comment upon and finally change the world through our ability to publish video online……..and as people, we are sons and daughters, brothers and sisters, mothers and fathers.  We’re members of a community.  And as members of a community, we have this primordial need to share our experiences, to make shapes on the wall, to tell how the hunt went, how the sunset looks, or how the birthday party sounded.  As people we have the innate need to tell a story.  Sometimes it’s our own story, and sometimes it’s a story about someone or something else.  We’re at a rare moment in our history when we are able to create complex and sophisticated stories and publish them around the world….and we don’t even have to change out of our pajamas to do so.  We’re not just reporters; we’re all potential filmmakers.”

In his book Andrew Shalat wants us to Beat The Man at his own game, break the rules, be dangerous and start videoing.

So for now, from RUDE, that’s a wrap!



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