“I didn’t throw it away”

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Agatha Lee of the blog Green issues by Agy decided to start a blog train to get people thinking about why they didn’t throw certain items away.

What makes us keep items and hold on to them for so long?

She has suggested it might help unlock the reasons why we throw some and why we keep some!

NB ~ This blog train post by RUDE contains two videos.  Here is the first which is very rude, as I was practising with my new camcorder.


My father’s legacy lives on with me taking videos and also in his very rude [roughly made] Super 8 movies of me and my sister marching with eight other girls [a team].  These movies are now shared with over 750 members on my Facebook Group at Marching Girls, and on my Youtube Channel far and wide.  The film footage he recorded is rare and has given joy to many girls who marched in Australia and New Zealand in the 60s and 70s.

It was expensive to convert Super 8 film to video back in the 1980s.  I knew in the back of my mind that I had to preserve my father’s efforts and my marching girl’s story.  But at the time I did it mainly for a Christmas gift to give to my siblings and parents.  I had no idea that years’ later I would be sharing his movies in a digital format across the globe.

Snapshot 8 (15-12-2014 11-25 AM)Photo above: 

This is Laverton, 1969. I am in my last year at primary school.  I have won my very first Best Leader sash.  This photo is a snapshot from a Super 8 movie my father recorded.

I was elated to win the green sash which is truly evident on my face. And it was not just this individual recognition but an overall feeling of what was achievable beyond the school classroom.  I think in this snapshot photo from Super 8 film, my father captured the very essence of me.  It took me 40 years to get back to this kind of joy.

Photo below:  My first Marching Girl Leader sash that I have kept all these years.

Beat The Man and march to the sound of your own drum!
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Video link below:

And for anyone interested, here I am as recorded on Super 8 film by my father in 1973.  I was the Leader of Jacana Corvettes.  This was taken at the State Championships in Melbourne,  just before I won Australian Champion Junior Leader from a field of over 30 other Leaders in Tasmania in 1973.


5 thoughts on ““I didn’t throw it away”

  1. The moment of joy on your face is a gem that has been beautifully captured by your father. It must have been a great point in your childhood, and to have kept the sash and the video! I love the conversion you’ve done – great job, and I have to add that the music goes very well with the marching (in time too!). Thank you for joining the blog train!


  2. Thank you Agy for your heartfelt comment and for the opportunity to be on board your blog train. I am impressed that you have noticed that the marching in the video is on beat! It was a sheer fluke that this happened, truly. I have been converting my father’s videos for over a year now. I am getting better at the editing all the time.


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