Bewitching Buntings

DSC04611Photo Above:
RUDE handmade a fabric flower bunting inspired by a star-shaped bunting in the book
Nordic Crafts

Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy has been a popular spot for impromptu gatherings on Christmas Days for those who didn’t have anywhere else to be.  Being the hipster capital of Melbourne, it will be a day of craft beer, organic turkey and fair trade chocolate pudding, BYO yukele and bunting.” 

Alana Schetzer / Journalist

What is it with buntings?  Why do these strings of little fabric pieces bring such colour and joy to my life?  I think for RUDE girl,  it’s about placemaking and REclaiming public places that are cold and sterile void of human activity.  People will linger in places that are beautiful.  I guess for me [Karen] there is nothing that showcases festivity better that colourful buntings fluttering overhead at an event.

Recently RUDE offered to attend a community gathering in a local park and make with the public, fabric triangles and squares for buntings.  The fabric for the buntings was all REcycled from the local Tip Shop [the dump].

What also is magical or bewitching about bunting is that unlike fireworks, a beautiful party effect can be experienced for minimal cost.  And far less noise!  And no middle man is involved in the staging of buntings.  Why? Because bunting is not a lucrative business like fireworks.

Therefore, a bit like yarn bombing, buntings are the domain of law-abiding fans.  Nobody should get seriously hurt making and stringing buntings and there are no pyrotechnics involved, just surplus fabric and plenty of craftiness.

Beat The Man and REclaim a public place with bewitching buntings.


2 thoughts on “Bewitching Buntings

  1. Buntings and flags fluttering in the breeze are such a joyful thing to look at. Maybe it’s because an actual ‘someone’ cared enough to put them there in the first place that makes them so appealing.


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