Scavenger Santas Reign & Dear

SAMSUNGPhoto Above:  REcycled gifts for the family.  Most of these gifts were sourced from landfill.  Even the Christmas gift bags are from landfill!  Oh, and the tree and decorations too.

If RUDE is going to give ‘crap’ from the malls [=our money to multinationals] it would rather give ‘crap’ REscued from landfill [= saving our planet and pennies]. 

For the past year we have been saving stuff from landfill to give as gifts for Christmas.  It’s what we do to Beat The Man, who is betting that we are going to be suckered into spending at Christmas time.  Any money we may have spent [not much] has been given as a donation to a community cause.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our followers for sharing our frugal lifestyle journey in 2014.

Beat The Man and start 2015 with no debt from Christmas gift giving.

Video below:  A Rude Rug [Quilt] for our daughter made from REcycled wool fabric REscued from landfill.


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