Scavenger Serendipity

I opt for clothes that complement my body type. I am not someone who will go for something just because it is trendy and not look good on me. I would choose clothes which are comfortable and accentuate my body type.

Nimrat Kaur

SAMSUNGPhoto Above:  This fedora was found at landfill.  It is a wool felt hat designed in Australia and made in China. 

I fell over this hat and could hardly breathe when I realised that it was a style that is currently on-trend.  I love to read about what’s trending in fashion, so that I know what to avoid wearing.  It’s true.

However, I also know that if something is on-trend, and suits my body type, then it’s a win win situation.  More of a winning situation when it costs next to nothing to play the game.

The week before finding this fedora, I had also read Maggie Alderson’s article For Hats, Felt is Fine and this article too, which basically informed me, that it was an on-trend hat style, and could be worn in any weather.

Photo below:  Wine Spade Fedora $60.00 AUD

Fedora Hat 1

Photo below left:  Karl Langerfield chain and cross grain-trimmed wool-felt fedora $238.00 AUD

Fedora Hat

Well then, this fedora would be great for summer.  However, it was a bit dirty on the brim’s underside.  But no matter, I would think of a way of making it look new again.  And pretty quickly, the remedy to remove the grime, well, it just came to me.  Shannon Lush is the doyenne of Aussie cleaning and homemaking.  I had read in one of her books about cleaning lampshades with processed bran.  I did not have bran but I used oats, and voila the grey marks disappeared right before my very eyes.

And now I am laughing because I own such a fabulous felt hat from the Tip.  I tip my hat to that notion!

And finally this quote below sums up RUDE Girl’s feeling about hats.

There is no attitude required. The hat brings the attitude. And when people try on a hat they like, it is a bit of fun. It makes them laugh. You don’t laugh when you put on a pair of shoes, but you do with a hat.

Philip Treacy

Snapshot 8 (9-12-2014 8-40 PM)


7 thoughts on “Scavenger Serendipity

    • Thank you Little Hippy for your comment. I am yet to wear the fedora but I will. As a child I marched for 9 years and wore hats as part of the uniform. When I was a young woman I did not like hats as they made my hair flat and oily. I also had to wear them as part of my job. But now with my greasy hair days over I enjoy wearing lightweight hats. Great protection from the Australian sun. And I find if hair goes a bit flat there is nothing better than homemade dry shampoo!


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