Bewitching Buntings

DSC04611Photo Above:
RUDE handmade a fabric flower bunting inspired by a star-shaped bunting in the book
Nordic Crafts

Edinburgh Gardens in North Fitzroy has been a popular spot for impromptu gatherings on Christmas Days for those who didn’t have anywhere else to be.  Being the hipster capital of Melbourne, it will be a day of craft beer, organic turkey and fair trade chocolate pudding, BYO yukele and bunting.” 

Alana Schetzer / Journalist

What is it with buntings?  Why do these strings of little fabric pieces bring such colour and joy to my life?  I think for RUDE girl,  it’s about placemaking and REclaiming public places that are cold and sterile void of human activity.  People will linger in places that are beautiful.  I guess for me [Karen] there is nothing that showcases festivity better that colourful buntings fluttering overhead at an event.

Recently RUDE offered to attend a community gathering in a local park and make with the public, fabric triangles and squares for buntings.  The fabric for the buntings was all REcycled from the local Tip Shop [the dump].

What also is magical or bewitching about bunting is that unlike fireworks, a beautiful party effect can be experienced for minimal cost.  And far less noise!  And no middle man is involved in the staging of buntings.  Why? Because bunting is not a lucrative business like fireworks.

Therefore, a bit like yarn bombing, buntings are the domain of law-abiding fans.  Nobody should get seriously hurt making and stringing buntings and there are no pyrotechnics involved, just surplus fabric and plenty of craftiness.

Beat The Man and REclaim a public place with bewitching buntings.

Scavenger Santas Reign & Dear

SAMSUNGPhoto Above:  REcycled gifts for the family.  Most of these gifts were sourced from landfill.  Even the Christmas gift bags are from landfill!  Oh, and the tree and decorations too.

If RUDE is going to give ‘crap’ from the malls [=our money to multinationals] it would rather give ‘crap’ REscued from landfill [= saving our planet and pennies]. 

For the past year we have been saving stuff from landfill to give as gifts for Christmas.  It’s what we do to Beat The Man, who is betting that we are going to be suckered into spending at Christmas time.  Any money we may have spent [not much] has been given as a donation to a community cause.

We want to take this opportunity to thank our followers for sharing our frugal lifestyle journey in 2014.

Beat The Man and start 2015 with no debt from Christmas gift giving.

Video below:  A Rude Rug [Quilt] for our daughter made from REcycled wool fabric REscued from landfill.

Suffragette Scavenger Style

“And Mother, I love her dearly, but she flies into a panic whenever I mention women’s rights. As she sees it, it will be so much more difficult to marry me off if I am not only of a weak constitution but of a progressive mind as well.”
Gwenn Wright, Katherine’s Journal

“Women have a much better time than men in this world; there are far more things forbidden to them.”

Oscar Wilde

Last weekend I read about this new movie starring Helena Bonham Carter titled Suffragette.  RUDE Girl is  on-trend again without even REalising it! 

imagesPITCH PERFECT  Above :  Helena Bonham Carter starring in Suffragette

I have dressed for two weddings and a REunion in a kind-of 1920s style outfit.  At a gathering for marching girls I accessorised my frock with my green sash [won in 1973 for best Australian junior marching girl leader], and all of a sudden I was transformed into a suffragette.

My outfit below consisted of a sleeveless dress from a charity shop for $7.  It’s a Basque brand.  A nude coloured chiffon type fabric top from landfill.  It’s a Bardot brand.  A hat and Italian shoes from landfill.

Victorian Marching Hat Day Group Shot 29 Nov 2014Photo Above :  RUDE Girl 4th from left at a Marching Girls’ gathering

And in the video below this is how I wore the outfit to our daughter’s wedding.

I love this style of dress because it suits my no-nonsense nature.  My lean stature is enhanced.  I do not like to hide the shape of my body.  I am proud of it.  I would have made a splendid suffragette!

Photo Above:  Our niece’s wedding at Portsea.  RUDE Boy, Danny wears pure wool trousers and matching vest $2 from a charity shop on Phillip Island, a pale pink shirt from landfill.  Brown vintage shoes $1 from a charity shop.

And back to the movie Suffragette, Meryl Streep plays Emmeline Pankhurst.

“Be militant in your own way! Those of you who can break windows, break them. Those of you who can still further attack the secret idol of property…do so. And my last word is to the Government: I incite this meeting to rebellion. Take me if you dare! (Emmeline Pankhurst, 1912)”
Fran Abrams, Freedom’s Cause: The Lives of the Suffragettes

Beat The Man and become a Suffragette!  

Scavenger Serendipity

I opt for clothes that complement my body type. I am not someone who will go for something just because it is trendy and not look good on me. I would choose clothes which are comfortable and accentuate my body type.

Nimrat Kaur

SAMSUNGPhoto Above:  This fedora was found at landfill.  It is a wool felt hat designed in Australia and made in China. 

I fell over this hat and could hardly breathe when I realised that it was a style that is currently on-trend.  I love to read about what’s trending in fashion, so that I know what to avoid wearing.  It’s true.

However, I also know that if something is on-trend, and suits my body type, then it’s a win win situation.  More of a winning situation when it costs next to nothing to play the game.

The week before finding this fedora, I had also read Maggie Alderson’s article For Hats, Felt is Fine and this article too, which basically informed me, that it was an on-trend hat style, and could be worn in any weather.

Photo below:  Wine Spade Fedora $60.00 AUD

Fedora Hat 1

Photo below left:  Karl Langerfield chain and cross grain-trimmed wool-felt fedora $238.00 AUD

Fedora Hat

Well then, this fedora would be great for summer.  However, it was a bit dirty on the brim’s underside.  But no matter, I would think of a way of making it look new again.  And pretty quickly, the remedy to remove the grime, well, it just came to me.  Shannon Lush is the doyenne of Aussie cleaning and homemaking.  I had read in one of her books about cleaning lampshades with processed bran.  I did not have bran but I used oats, and voila the grey marks disappeared right before my very eyes.

And now I am laughing because I own such a fabulous felt hat from the Tip.  I tip my hat to that notion!

And finally this quote below sums up RUDE Girl’s feeling about hats.

There is no attitude required. The hat brings the attitude. And when people try on a hat they like, it is a bit of fun. It makes them laugh. You don’t laugh when you put on a pair of shoes, but you do with a hat.

Philip Treacy

Snapshot 8 (9-12-2014 8-40 PM)

Skimp on Stuff, Yes, Teeth No!

Tooth graphicI told my dentist my teeth are going yellow. He told me to wear a brown tie. ~ Rodney Dangerfield

RUDE Girl can relate to the above quote.  I too told my dentist my teeth were yellowing.  He told me that the whites of my eyes should near enough match the colour of my teeth – and they do, so it’s okay [I am now wondering if I have jaundice!]. 

Seriously, what I [Karen] appreciates about my dentist, is the fact that he could have made an easy $400 AUD but he didn’t push the bleach treatment.  He also mentioned something about how I would probably not want to look like a celebrity.  He was right there.

Anyways, this post is to clarify to any followers who think we just might be destitute and penniless is that we are not.  We are wealthy westerners who enjoy a privileged lifestyle albeit frugal out of choice.  A privileged lifestyle for us is not about overseas travel, fine dining restaurant experiences, expensive foreign cars, designer brand clothes and accessories et cetera.

For RUDE a privileged lifestyle means living in a democracy in Melbourne, Australia and having choices.  We choose to have private health insurance, which includes dental coverage.  We prefer to have this choice and pay for it, as opposed to spending up big on new stuff and/or experiences aimed at keeping up with The Joneses. 

The stuff we skimp on, is the materialistic and instant gratification stuff, that the mainstream want and have to have.  Many have not had the rude awakening afforded us.  We are grateful that we can go to the dentist and dental hygienist every 6 months.

We wear clothes scavenged from landfill.  This is part of our Beat The Man game where cost saved on buying brand new clothing goes towards funding many practical things, including our dental care.

As for white teeth this Christmas, Santa says it’s a want not a need.  So just grin and be happy!!

Video below:  Scavenger Style can be worn to your dental appointment