Brutal Scavengers

“Places draw us to them for reasons beyond the feelings derived from the five senses…some deeper recognition is at work, felt through an unextinguishable animal sensibility.”
Peter & Alison Smithson

RUDE is drawn to landfill and REcycling facilities because there is definitely sensibility in REscuing the unloved object that can be REinvented.

DSC03905Above:  Scavenger Style has brutal beginings but beautiful outcomes.  Simple REfashion of $1 dress REscued from landfill.  Hemline shortened and seams taken in at the sides.  Armhole facings altered to fit.  Styled with 3/4 length top and belt from landfill for $1, and Selby brand vintage shoes from a charity store for $2.

Brutalism is an architectural style and according to this article here we are seeing a huge REsurgence of interest in it, mainly from a younger generation who can admire the radicalism.

Much like Otto von Busch’s hacktivisim, RUDE can see the connection between it’s REfashioning of garments from landfill and brutalism.  As with old garments considered passe, buildings in the Brutalist style are not just RElics of the past, but can be catalysts for brilliant creative adaptations.

And by all accounts the REsurgence of this style is evident across the arts.  If that’s so, then Brutalism can find a place in the creative REmaking of garments and textiles.  It’s sort of what RUDE is about, with its Scavenger Style – brutal beginnings with beautiful and transparent outcomes.

Architects chose the Brutalist style even when they had large budgets, as they appreciated the ‘honesty’, the sculptural qualities, and perhaps, the uncompromising, anti-bourgeois, nature of the style.

As with this description and despite RUDE’s good financial position, landfill sites not unlike graveyards are [honest/transparent] not status symbols, RUDE has been committed to textile REscue for over six (6) years [anti-bourgeois] and whatever is REcreated it is the nature of our Scavenger Style.

Be Brutal and Beat The Man!


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