Tip Top

DSC04517A big bag of clothes REscued from the point of landfill, including two tailor made pure wool men’s jackets

“Time does nothing but hand you down shabbier and older things.”
Aleksandar Hemon, Love and Obstacles

As time marches on, RUDE prefers those things that are not new and shiny.  Sourcing garments from the point of landfill takes time, and it does result in us finding shabbier and older things.  But shabby can become the new chic, and the old the new, with a sprinkle of creativity and determination to Beat the Man.

I [Karen] was given a long line ladies top by a friend who frequents her local Tip [dump] Shop at the point of landfill.  She REscued the top but it was not the right size.  I could see why she had REscued it, as it was lovely, but when I tried it on it looked ghastly.  It had these knitted loops around the armholes that made me look like a gladiator.

I hacked off the top and sleeves, added a waist band and made this top into a skirt.  A quick REfashion resulting in a new skirt a la moi scavenger style.


4 thoughts on “Tip Top

    • Thank you Agy. I really like the turquoise/green band too. I have also picked up a black half slip from landfill that I wear underneath the skirt. I have had some lovely compliments when I have worn it. I am yet to show my friend the transformation. I think she will be pleasantly surprised.


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