Cushion Crush

Phantom Cushion
RUDE’s Purple Phantom cushion upcycled from a man’s shirt REscued from the garment graveyard.

“I do needlepoint from kits. I give them as gifts to people in the form of cushion covers and they are often speechless with horror.”  
Lynne TrussOh dear, we who handcraft and give our goodies as gifts know what Lynne Truss means in her quote above.  The looks on loved ones’ faces of horror, dismay, disbelief, confusion, shame, guilt etc is interesting.  RUDE just fobs it off as their issue to deal with, but really do, sincerely hope, we score a winner and someone likes, even loves what we make or REgift.

I [Karen] have made this little tapestry cushion below, as a Christmas gift this year for a grandson.  His father owns and rides a Harley Davidson motorcycle.  The tapestry was picked up at the point of landfill still on it’s frame for $1.  All I did was wash it and made it into a cushion by backing it with a secondhand Billabong brand shirt of Dannys and voila!

I will know exactly how Lynne Truss feels when our grandson looks at his handmade little cushion for his bed, and chucks it aside for the brand new store bought gifts [that will also be chucked aside not long after Boxing Day]  At least the cushion won’t break into bits and pieces when it’s thrown on the floor.

Cushion Harley frontCushion Harley Back
Cushion for NevaehAnd this little bird in cage cushion above, was scored for 50 cents at a charity store, and will also be REgifted at Christmas.

Beat The Man and risk making your own gifts, to keep the pennies in your pocket, and to save the planet from more rubbish.


10 thoughts on “Cushion Crush

  1. I love all your cushions. The refashioned Purple Phantom mens shirt looks fabulous and the motorcycle cushion came up a treat. I even like the Billabong t-shirt backing. It compliments the tapestry front. I hope your grandson likes your gift. I know my grandson would love it so you may be surprised.


    • Thanks Agy. Yes, the birdcage cushion is really cute. I could not leave it in the op shop when it was 50 cents. I have washed it and it will be gifted to my little grand daughter for Christmas.


  2. People think we’re tight with secondhand gifts but I give them because of every other reason other than money. I do wish people would get that. I LOVE both those cushions and I reckon that Harley one is the bees knees!


  3. Thank you Little Hippy for your comment. I do not know what people think when we give secondhand gifts, other than what I have read generally. And I am sure the masses are never going to get the number of different reasons why the minority do it. It would be my wish if I had a genie in a bottle, that people would at least start a conversation up around it, rather than looking bewildered, shocked, embarrassed etc.

    RUDE has given secondhand gifts for decades and it is always the same. Most receivers stuff it in their bags. Some say thank you, others ask what is it? And others say nothing at all. I really no longer care what they think. I just have confidence that one day it will hit them what our gestures were all about. Call it karma, maybe.

    Thank you for loving my cushions. Yes, the little Harley cushion is a winner when I showcase it at my workshops.


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