Urban Scavengers

Scavenger StyleThe woman in this photo is not me [Karen] but I have been know to be bottoms up in a bin a la Scavenger Style


“It’s the idea that it’s the last moment of something.  I like to compare it to a family member who is terminally ill and you don’t know if this person’s going to pass away in three months then those three months becomes really, really significant and your intensity of your relationship with that person increases.  I’m not going to say it’s to the same extent as a person, of course, but there is some sort of intensity in going to a place and knowing it will disappear.”  Bradley Garrett ~ Academic & Urban Explorer

RUDE are urban scavengers not unlike the rag and bone man of old.  We REscue things from landfill because we see the last moment of these really good things that can be saved and immediately reused.  And if we do not REscue things of value they will disappear.   We compare this in a way to Bradley Garrett’s comment above on Place Hacking.

The main priority for Danny and me aka RUDE is to share an unusual lifestyle with anyone who is interested.   What we do is different to others, yes there are similarities but there are major differences. We do not expect people to embrace our lifestyle, we are not out there to get people to follow us step by step.

Our aim is to engage people in our journey, so that they are curious and ask, who are these people? Why do they do this? What kind of people in a prosperous country like Australia buy from sheds at the point of landfill? What kind of people wear and refashion garments destined for the garment graveyard? Why do this for over 5 years? And why for goodness sake, make it a political fashion statement and call it scavenger style?

Why?  We do this to Beat The Man at a number of his games. 

RUDE is not about encouraging scavenging by the masses at landfill, but hopes via sharing it may just encourage some people to seek out adventure and alternative ways of thinking.



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