Seams Unlikely

“It seems unlikely but there is wealth in waste and riches in rubbish.” 

Karen Ellis ~ Blogger

Seams unlikely

I had no idea Seams Unlikely was a book about a sewist! 

As I inserted the above graphic into this blog post I noticed the woman had a yellow, what looks like a tape measure around her neck.  I had heard mention of Nancy Zieman before and had watched her on Youtube.  I just had to put two and two together to realize it was ‘that’ Nancy from TV sewing fame.

I wonder if Nancy has ever upcycled seams into a placemat.  Seams unlikely?  Well perhaps for Nancy but not for RUDE.  I [Karen] craft and sew with fulled woollen garments REscued from the point of landfill, that have been hacked up to make fabric.  From these hacked garments, I REuse the seams to make into trivets or placemats.

This round trivet is made from seams that have been coiled and handstitched together.

Seam Trivet 2

This skewed rectangle shaped placemat is made from seams that have been zig zag

stitched together by sewing machine

Selvage Placemat

It may seem unlikely but you can upcycle practically anything!  Beat The Man and be your own creative genius.


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