Rude Record’s Facebook Page

By popular demand and with some encouragement from my Facebook group members at Bowerbirds Journal, including Mel our neighbour and prolific blogger here,  RUDE now has a Facebook page.  Thanks to you all for supporting Rude Record and for helping us get our unusual lifestyle journey to the masses.

Rude Record Facebook Page

We will repost all our blog posts to this page, usually one a week.  During the week we will sometimes post any little snippet of interest that may or may not tickle your fancy.  We look forward to reading and replying to your posts and comments that you may leave on our page.

Rude Record WordPress Blog

We attempt to schedule a weekly post every Friday at 9am.  We love to get your comments and always aim to reply ASAP.

DSC04446RUDE’s Danny modified and fitted an old showerscreen scavenged from point of landfill for $2.  He wears a REfashioned windcheater also scavenged from landfill.  All towels in photo were sourced secondhand.


2 thoughts on “Rude Record’s Facebook Page

  1. You’re most welcome Mel. Yeh, $2 is a good price and we were not going to pay more because it did not have rollers. Danny had to retro fit which involved a couple of choice words at times. But he Beat The Man in the end. We did not want to spend a lot of money, as we are not planning to stay in this house. The bathroom has had a quick makeover for $20 if that. The pine shelf in the photo, for storage of the towels, also came from the tip shop and we painted it.


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