RUDE’s Rayon REmake

Refashioned by Sass BrownSass Brown’s book Refashioned is divine inspiration.

REcycling of fabric often involves dangerous materials such as heavy metals. And because rayon is much harder to REcycle than cotton, the REcycling doesn’t go full circle. A better approach may be to compost the clothes however it appears the dyes are a problem.  However in the future valuable nutrients may be added to clothes, which would benefit the soil when we compost garments. Check our more about the REcycling of fabric here.

Rayon fabric if it ends up in landfill takes longer than cotton to decompose.  With it also being harder to REcycle, when I came across this discarded rayon shirt below, I knew the best thing was to REuse it.  REuse is the best and safest form of REcycling because it uses less new energy and other resources.

This was a challenging REfashion because it was an XL Man’s shirt and I wanted to hack it into a small shirt top for me.  The thing to REalise when you start hacking into fabric is that ‘the more the better’.  If you don’t cut the right shape at first, there is more fabric to give it another couple of goes.  If all goes pear shaped and not as imagined, there is still fabric to REmake into something else.  In other words mistakes like magic can transform, if you only open your mind to other creative possibilities.


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