Sabbath Serpentine

I [Karen] was an Australian champion marching girl in my teens and now administer a Facebook group Marching Girls with over 700 members.  Marching has always been a reasonably affordable sport due to the instructors, judges and chaperones volunteering their time, compared for example, to ballet where its teachers charge a fee.  Therefore to my way of thinking it’s a frugal team sport but only to a point.  These days marching has evolved into drilldance which requires more financial commitment in the way of uniforms and costumes.  However, that’s not to say these cannot be REcycled and upcycled to keep costs down.

Yesterday RUDE went to the Wattle Festival in Hurstbridge, Melbourne, Australia.  It’s an annual event that draws a crowd to its town.  We decided to go to support a group of women and their children who march for fun, fitness and competition.  Some of these women are members of my Marching Girl Facebook group.  It is very satisfying for me to meet members of my Facebook groups.  The previous day I had met up with a couple of members from my Melton Bowerbirds Facebook group.

As with everything RUDE does it REvolves around frugality.  A few days prior to this Festival we decided to get into the spirit and wear the green and gold colours of the wattle flower our national floral emblem.  Basically everything we were going to wear was scavenged secondhand for free or a couple of dollars [view 1st video].

Then the day arrived and true to our frugal mission we made our morning tea and lunch to take.  Two thermos flasks of hot water for our cups of tea, home-baked cake and boiled egg rolls.  We set out on our trek and stopped along the way to have our morning tea under a tree on the roadside.

Some of the people we were meeting up with know that we REpair and REcycle for causes and generously gave us two microwaves, a computer and some beautiful prints in frames.  It is great when people embrace what RUDE promotes, and  share the joy of REuse without any financial transaction.

We travelled a two (2) hour round trip to take some video footage and support marching girls.  Danny came along to support me, and say hello to the festival’s steam train drivers whom he knows.  And whilst there I just could not REsist REliving my marching days and joining in the fun of the serpentine march [view 2nd and 3rd videos].

Check out the three (3) videos below for a glimpse of our frugal antics.


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