Gorgeous Grandpa Garment

When I came across this quality knit at the point of landfill I was conflicted.  I did not love it but I recognised its superb quality.  It was more a warm woollen jacket than a cardigan.  I started to tell its story in my mind.  Before this cardigan had ended at the garment graveyard a Grandpa had passed away.  It had hung in the back of his closet for years hence the musty smell.

REscue the brown cardigan or not was the big dilemma of my day.  Yes, no, maybe as I put it to the side and searched for more natural fiber garments.  But I kept coming back to Grandpa’s cardie like it was telling me to take it home and love it.

I Rescued and REvived this cardigan for all the Grandpas out there who mean something to loved ones.  I do wonder if there is a photo of a Grandpa in my cardigan.

This cardigan also features in my Merry Market post on this blog.  I have styled it with jeans and boots in Part 3 of the following video series.

Oh, and if you want to know how I got rid of the musty smell it was simple.  I soaked and washed the garment in very hot water and then hung it outside on the line for five days.



3 thoughts on “Gorgeous Grandpa Garment

    • Thanks for your comments Mel and Agy.

      Agy the musty odour on this garment was more a mouldy odour. I did not get rid of it with a hot wash with eucalyptus oil. I had to leave the garment [after soaking and washing] on the outside clothesline for about five days. Sun and fresh air will get rid of these smells.

      Mel, yes the boots were a real score from an op shop that prefers to demonstrate a lot of goodwill as opposed to greed. I am not a big fan of flurry wool scarves but using the REcycled yarn this way is great way to embellish.


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