Budget Bouffant

RUDE is into budget everything.  Nothing is off-limits if money can be saved.  And where RUDE doesn’t spend money is on expensive hair stylists and products.

I [Karen] clip Danny’s hair, well what’s left of it, every couple of months which probably saves us at least $200 per year.  I am not really sure because I have no idea what it costs to go to a male hairstylist or barber these days.  The only outlay is the clippers and ours were REscued from the point of landfill for 50 cents.

I had been going to a hairdresser in my neighbourhood.  I was not 100 per cent happy with the service but the price was reasonable at $15.  I still expect great service when I go into a salon for a quick trim – and it was quick.

I stopped going to this hairdresser because I sensed something was not quite right with the service. The other day whilst out driving around I noticed the business has closed.  I was not surprised.  My 6th sense is always a reliable indicator and rarely fails me.

A couple of days ago after not having a haircut for over 6 months I decided it was time for a chop.  Yes, literally a chop by Danny.  I let him know that after breakfast he was going to trim my hair.  He was not amused, as I sat grinning in confidence of his abilities.  He initially indicated he did not want to trim my hair.  I calmly highlighted that if he didn’t do it, I would get the clippers and shave it all off.  That tactic worked and he styled me a beautiful bob.  Cost = $0

In the past I have probably spent around $30 every 6 weeks for a style cut [no shampoo or extras] which adds up to $270. Therefore between Danny and me we are saving over $500 per year just on haircuts.  Forget salon overheads, this $500 goes towards our cost of living overheads.

Beat the Man with Budget Bouffants.


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