RUDE Awakening

As promised some of the video footage from the recent Amber Lane Market. I feel that the market goers who popped by my REfash demo had a pleasant awakening by RUDE on the creative possibilites and options available to them.

The brown ‘grandpa’ cardigan that features in this video was REscued from the point of landfill. It is pure wool and very heavy because it is double layered. It’s not something I would purchase in a charity shop. However in this instance it was destined for the garment graveyard so I brought it home.

The story and styling of this garment will be featured in a couple of videos on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.


2 thoughts on “RUDE Awakening

    • You can find the Amber Lane Market page on Facebook Emma. It’s going to be quarterly I was told. It was such a vibrant new market in a cosy location in Ballan, Victoria. Was great to be participating in the first market. Everyone was made to feel very welcome.


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