Merry Market

Poster upcycling demo-page-001

“Upcycling clothing that already exists in the world is the ‘greenest’ clothing we have and extending its usefulness is an easy, environmentally conscious and sometimes sentimental action”.

~   Jane Milburn at

Last weekend RUDE was invited to present at a local market an hour west of Melbourne. The location was Ballan a small semi rural township. Ballan has a healthy arts and craft community evident by the success of its inaugural Amber Lane Market.

I demonstrated the upcycling of textiles, including the REfashioning of garments. Interested market goers experienced the RUDE REvolution which is Scavenger Style. And were encouraged to consider alternative options for their clothes before discarding or donating.

I was not surprised that those who attended the demonstration were interested in how I sourced my clothes from the point of landfill. I explained that this was a radical undertaking and more of a political fashion statement. Also that it was the cheapest option I have discovered when sourcing garments for REfashioning. And as a result I was not afraid of making mistakes because I had not paid more expensive op shop prices.

I hope I inspired people to go away and discover some possibilities for their unworn or dated clothes that were lurking in the back of their wardrobes.

Stay tuned for the video


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