Story of Danny’s CK Jeans

I was thinking about the mending task of these jeans the other day in relation to how we live a frugal lifestyle. Some more insights came to light that I just have to share with our blog followers.

To mend these jeans and depict it in a three part video series is only part of the story of the garment. What is the story behind the scenes?

The Tip Trekkers’ Story

Four days a week we make a tip trek in our car. We visit tip shops and scrounge around in environments that are rough and ready. Of course my interest is clothes and fabrics destined for the garment graveyard. I scavenge amongst piles of these to hopefully find an piece ripe for REpair or REfashioning.

On this particular day I discovered the CK jeans. Danny was called over to determine if these were his size or not. Without trying them on he had a good idea they would fit.

When we got home he was reluctant to try the jeans on for obvious reasons. But he did and they fitted well, other than being a bit short in length. The next step was overnight soaking and then washing the jeans. After line drying the hem of the jeans was taken down.

I then recorded Part 1 of the video and sent it to Calvin Klein on Twitter, letting the brand know I had REscued a pair of its creation from landfill [no reply has been received].

What came next was the actual mending. And like all good sewists you require materials and equipment.

All the materials I used to mend the jeans have been REscued from landfill fate and include my 1960s Elna sewing machine, bias binding, cottons, needles, jean remnants for patching, the iron and ironing board.

And then of course the story continues with Part 2 of the video being recorded with a camera saved from landfill. Part 3 of the video required me to gently cajole Danny in to modelling the final result [the hardest part of all]



2 thoughts on “Story of Danny’s CK Jeans

  1. Great job on the jeans, Karen. They look really good on Danny, and your patches are so neat, just the ticket for a chap like him! 🙂 What a pity CK haven’t replied yet, but I for one think they should thank you for rescuing this lovely pair. It’s funny though isn’t it, that a lot of young people are still going around in ripped jeans?!! It seems still to be in fashion from what I’ve noticed recently. So, had you rescued these for a teen you might well have just taken the scissors to them and done a bit of slashing. I’ve never understood that particular fashion statement myself.


  2. Thanks Glynis for your comment and no, there has been no reply from CK. I guess it says to me that the brand is hoping that people will buy new jeans from it. Unfortunately many people are opting to buy chain store denim because it’s far cheaper. To REscue brand jeans like Levis and Calvin Klein is for me, like saving a piece of quality vintage furniture from being demolished at landfill.


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