Gorgeous Grandpa Garment

When I came across this quality knit at the point of landfill I was conflicted.  I did not love it but I recognised its superb quality.  It was more a warm woollen jacket than a cardigan.  I started to tell its story in my mind.  Before this cardigan had ended at the garment graveyard a Grandpa had passed away.  It had hung in the back of his closet for years hence the musty smell.

REscue the brown cardigan or not was the big dilemma of my day.  Yes, no, maybe as I put it to the side and searched for more natural fiber garments.  But I kept coming back to Grandpa’s cardie like it was telling me to take it home and love it.

I Rescued and REvived this cardigan for all the Grandpas out there who mean something to loved ones.  I do wonder if there is a photo of a Grandpa in my cardigan.

This cardigan also features in my Merry Market post on this blog.  I have styled it with jeans and boots in Part 3 of the following video series.

Oh, and if you want to know how I got rid of the musty smell it was simple.  I soaked and washed the garment in very hot water and then hung it outside on the line for five days.


Budget Bouffant

RUDE is into budget everything.  Nothing is off-limits if money can be saved.  And where RUDE doesn’t spend money is on expensive hair stylists and products.

I [Karen] clip Danny’s hair, well what’s left of it, every couple of months which probably saves us at least $200 per year.  I am not really sure because I have no idea what it costs to go to a male hairstylist or barber these days.  The only outlay is the clippers and ours were REscued from the point of landfill for 50 cents.

I had been going to a hairdresser in my neighbourhood.  I was not 100 per cent happy with the service but the price was reasonable at $15.  I still expect great service when I go into a salon for a quick trim – and it was quick.

I stopped going to this hairdresser because I sensed something was not quite right with the service. The other day whilst out driving around I noticed the business has closed.  I was not surprised.  My 6th sense is always a reliable indicator and rarely fails me.

A couple of days ago after not having a haircut for over 6 months I decided it was time for a chop.  Yes, literally a chop by Danny.  I let him know that after breakfast he was going to trim my hair.  He was not amused, as I sat grinning in confidence of his abilities.  He initially indicated he did not want to trim my hair.  I calmly highlighted that if he didn’t do it, I would get the clippers and shave it all off.  That tactic worked and he styled me a beautiful bob.  Cost = $0

In the past I have probably spent around $30 every 6 weeks for a style cut [no shampoo or extras] which adds up to $270. Therefore between Danny and me we are saving over $500 per year just on haircuts.  Forget salon overheads, this $500 goes towards our cost of living overheads.

Beat the Man with Budget Bouffants.

RUDE Awakening

As promised some of the video footage from the recent Amber Lane Market. I feel that the market goers who popped by my REfash demo had a pleasant awakening by RUDE on the creative possibilites and options available to them.

The brown ‘grandpa’ cardigan that features in this video was REscued from the point of landfill. It is pure wool and very heavy because it is double layered. It’s not something I would purchase in a charity shop. However in this instance it was destined for the garment graveyard so I brought it home.

The story and styling of this garment will be featured in a couple of videos on the blog in the coming weeks. Stay tuned.

Merry Market

Poster upcycling demo-page-001

“Upcycling clothing that already exists in the world is the ‘greenest’ clothing we have and extending its usefulness is an easy, environmentally conscious and sometimes sentimental action”.

~   Jane Milburn at http://www.sewitagain.com/2014/07/treasuring-what-you-have/

Last weekend RUDE was invited to present at a local market an hour west of Melbourne. The location was Ballan a small semi rural township. Ballan has a healthy arts and craft community evident by the success of its inaugural Amber Lane Market.

I demonstrated the upcycling of textiles, including the REfashioning of garments. Interested market goers experienced the RUDE REvolution which is Scavenger Style. And were encouraged to consider alternative options for their clothes before discarding or donating.

I was not surprised that those who attended the demonstration were interested in how I sourced my clothes from the point of landfill. I explained that this was a radical undertaking and more of a political fashion statement. Also that it was the cheapest option I have discovered when sourcing garments for REfashioning. And as a result I was not afraid of making mistakes because I had not paid more expensive op shop prices.

I hope I inspired people to go away and discover some possibilities for their unworn or dated clothes that were lurking in the back of their wardrobes.

Stay tuned for the video

Story of Danny’s CK Jeans

I was thinking about the mending task of these jeans the other day in relation to how we live a frugal lifestyle. Some more insights came to light that I just have to share with our blog followers.

To mend these jeans and depict it in a three part video series is only part of the story of the garment. What is the story behind the scenes?

The Tip Trekkers’ Story

Four days a week we make a tip trek in our car. We visit tip shops and scrounge around in environments that are rough and ready. Of course my interest is clothes and fabrics destined for the garment graveyard. I scavenge amongst piles of these to hopefully find an piece ripe for REpair or REfashioning.

On this particular day I discovered the CK jeans. Danny was called over to determine if these were his size or not. Without trying them on he had a good idea they would fit.

When we got home he was reluctant to try the jeans on for obvious reasons. But he did and they fitted well, other than being a bit short in length. The next step was overnight soaking and then washing the jeans. After line drying the hem of the jeans was taken down.

I then recorded Part 1 of the video and sent it to Calvin Klein on Twitter, letting the brand know I had REscued a pair of its creation from landfill [no reply has been received].

What came next was the actual mending. And like all good sewists you require materials and equipment.

All the materials I used to mend the jeans have been REscued from landfill fate and include my 1960s Elna sewing machine, bias binding, cottons, needles, jean remnants for patching, the iron and ironing board.

And then of course the story continues with Part 2 of the video being recorded with a camera saved from landfill. Part 3 of the video required me to gently cajole Danny in to modelling the final result [the hardest part of all]


Wear The Talk

Sometimes if you can’t Beat the Man you can Stick it to the Man. That is what RUDE has done on a daily basis for many years. Sometimes if you can’t beat fastfash you may have to join the movement in another way – your way. Continue reading

Oz Danny Welcomes UK Danny

For RUDE, one of the joys of frugal living, is to make and send gifts that cost nothing but our precious time on earth.

We can think of no bettter gift, than to give our time and effort, both to the receiver, to society and to the planet.

Our videos are rude, that is they are roughly made and done. And we believe that’s the charm of them. Generous and grateful souls have told us it is. This knowing makes us very happy and brings more joy into our lives.

We have no doubt that we are judged to varying degrees and ways, for our frugal and fun antics. Knowing this just spurs us on to be the rudest and silliest video makers we can.

Stay tuned for more videos.