Frugal Fulling Fun

RUDE remembers as children that we wore wool until out teenage years when polyester garments were all the rage.

However we still wore school uniforms made out of wool. Danny wore his hand knitted jumpers and cardigans. I was told by my mother that my nanna was a great knitter but she knitted for her other grandchildren not me. Phew! Thank my lucky stars I did not have to wear daggy knitted wool garments that itched my skin.

Well, how times have changed as I scavenge around landfill for the last remnants of 100 per cent wool garments knitted by all those nannas from eons ago. To think I have been cold all these years because I was not aware of wool’s thermal properties.

This winter I am rugged up in REcycled fulled woollen tops, skirts and leg warmers promoting Scavenger Style to the masses.

I have been reading The Textile Artists’ Studio Handbook by O Ruck and V Popovic. For all these years I thought I had been felting wool. Seems this is not the case and I have actually been fulling.

“If you have ever accidentally washed a wool sweater in a washing machine, then you are familiar with fulling. Through the same process of applying moisture, pressure and heat as in wet felting, the fibres matt together, condensing and causing the material to shrink. The difference between fulling and felting is that the fulling process is applied to fabric or ready made garments rather than to loose fibres.”


2 thoughts on “Frugal Fulling Fun

  1. Thanks Mel, I really appreciate your lovely comment and feedback. Yes, fulling can present some interesting results. I did not expect to have a frill, and when it came out with this wavy hem I was sold on a skirt REfash.


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