Thrifted Treasures

This video was recorded for our School of Thrift, Darlington, UK colleagues and followers.

The joy of a frugal life for RUDE includes the occasional charity shop trek. RUDE rarely goes charity shopping these days. They prefer to shop a the point of landfill aka Tip Shops because the larger charity stores have become more like retail outlets with prices to match.

However RUDE seeks out little country charity stores on their travels. These are oftentimes hidden gems which are discovered all too quickly. But until then RUDE gets in whilst the going is good and the bargains are aplenty.

The pink shirt in the video has already been used. I [Karen] made a patchwork piece for the front of a cushion and backed it with fabric from the pink shirt.

DSC04243 DSC04244


2 thoughts on “Thrifted Treasures

  1. Thanks jmlol. The price at 50 cents sold me and it looks ‘as new’. I have just washed it in the machine yesterday and it’s drying. It will be a little gift for my granddaughter. For her brother I am making a pillow from fabric that has The Phantom comic character all over it. This fabric comes from thrifted male PJ top.


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