On 24 April 2014 RUDE [Karen] participated in Fashion Revolution Day. Whilst I do not wear my clothes #insideout everyday, I do wear worn clothes REscued from landfill 24/7 365 days of the year for 5 years.

My political fashion statement is Scavenger Style. This is unique to me. I showcase to the world, the wearing and oftentimes REfashioning of fast fashion garments saved direct from the point of landfill. I have asked Sass Brown author of Refashioned if she knows of any designers sourcing garments and textiles direct from landfill. She has informed me that not to her knowledge. Redress is an organisation in Hong Kong that sources from a textiles’ warehouse but does not go down to point of landfill.


I am sure there are other people mostly in third world countries that out of dire necessity wear clothes from landfill. Where my situation differs is that I do not live in poverty, far from it. However, by wearing worn, I choose to be reminded daily of the people who make the fast fashion that I REuse.

When I go down to the point of landfill [the dump] it’s not a pleasant environment. It smells and it is dirty. I am there with other scavengers. These are mostly people who trade in clothes, junk and bric a brac at markets and on Ebay. This type of scavenger is ruthless and would knock you over to get anything of value. The smell of these people is worse than that of the pungent odours emanating from household rubbish.

I find that the clothes I am seeking to wear and REfashion are in abundance. Most days there are three baby cots full of fast fashion. Traders are not interested in anything that’s worn and torn so I get the best stuff. Woollen garments with holes, vintage clothes with stains, linen garments that are dated and clothes that are hideously embellished. I take the garments the scavengers are unable to sell.


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