Mad May

RUDE makes no excuses for a mad May time. Where do the days go? No blog posts in May and we ask ourselves why we did not find the time?

We have been busy making our videos and stockpiling them to share along with blog posts. I [karen] was off two weekends in a row at a Contemporary Fabrics Course learning some fabric dyeing techniques. I have some learnings to share in due course.

I [Karen] have started attending a Sewing Bee at my local charity shop. I am inspiring and motivating people who attend to think creatively about how to upcycle garments. And I am assisting to teach them how to sew.

RUDE continues to frequent landfill and REscue textiles from landfill fate. It’s a time consuming job because what is brought back home has to be soaked, washed and line dried. Then there is the sorting, cutting up and storage processes. We must find a home and/or use for what is saved, otherwise it will be donated to charity or the sewing bee.

Danny has been tinkering with his bits and bobs. He fixed another plasma TV that was not working. We have a spare TV now which is always a good strategy when you live with secondhand appliances.


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