Landfill Lovely

Landfill Lovely

REscuing garments from landfill is a labour of love in many ways. You have to love scrounging around in other people’s cast offs and ignore the odours and dirt. You have to love washing. And in the case of this Suzanne Grae wool/acrylic mix jumper you have to love hand washing. And you have to love the idea of possibility for all the scavenged fast fashion you haul home.

This jumper is very large but it has such possibility. I can make a skirt, leg warmers and maybe a beanie. It is definitely imagined as a skirt and when it’s refashioned I will share it with you in a video.

I have been inspired by Sew It Again Jane Milburn an upcycle colleague and her acyclic REcreations.

Suzanne Grae is acknowledged as the creator of the original garment. I would like to think the fast fashion brand, if it knew, loved I had saved it from landfill.


4 thoughts on “Landfill Lovely

  1. Thank you Lynne for your comment. Yes, I agree it is safer to shop in op shops for the majority who want to buy good secondhand clothing. I buy mostly poor quality unsorted secondhand clothing at the landfill site tip shops.


  2. Sent this blog post to Suzanne Grae and received a positive reply to which I replied.

    Suzanne Grae What a great idea Karen, thanks for sharing with us!
    51 mins · Unlike · 1

    Karen Ellis Thx for your reply Suzanne Grae if and when it gets it’s makeover I will post a pic. Hate to see good quality garments like this go to the fast fashion graveyard. Such possibilities.


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