Sharing My REvolution March to Promote Fashion Revolution Day

“You have to get engaged or there is no hope [for the planet]”  Dame Vivienne Westwood ~ WOW Festival 2014


On 24th April 2013 1133 people were killed and over 2500 people were injured when the Rana Plaza factory complex collapsed in Dhaka, Bangladesh. Months later the catastrophes in our fashion supply chain continue. (On 9th October a fire in Dhaka killed at least nine).

Fashion Revolution Day says enough is enough. Please mark 24 April 2014 in your diaries now. This is Fashion Revolution Day when industry leaders, factory workers, producers, campaigners, academics, press, consumers, cotton farmers – everyone we can think of – will come together to commemorate the first anniversary of the collapse, remember the victims of Rana Plaza and change our fashion future.

Fashion Revolution Day is an opportunity to celebrate fashion as a positive influence, raise awareness of the fashion industry’s most pressing issues and show that change is possible. It will rally the high street, the high end, the innovators, the media, the public, the activists, the makers, the wearers – and everyone in between.


This year’s Fashion Revolution Day will simply ask, Who Made Your Clothes?

We want everybody to show their support for better connections and transparency across the fashion supply chain.

So our CALL TO ACTION on 24th April 2014 is for everyone to wear an item of clothing inside out, to take a picture and then post it, instagram, facebook and tweet it like crazy.


RUDE’s Karen has a Facebook group titled Marching Girls.  Marching was a popular sport when I was a young girl but not so much these days.  Marching Girls Facebook Group celebrates all things related to the sport of marching and more recently drilldancing.  The video in this post was made a few months ago to celebrate the group’s 200th member.  I thought it also creatively related in some ways to Fashion Revolution Day.  How?  It’s open to individual’s own interpretation.

For me it’s about the use of the song Revolution and not traditional 1/20 bpm marching music, a woman in her late 50s, in costume, doing something that’s not expected.  Finding a thrifted costume and knowing where the garments/accessories were made.  Then taking a video and posting it like crazy to engage and hope (as recommended by Dame Vivienne in the opening quote to this post)

RUDE (Karen) has organised a photo shoot with its local city newspaper.  She will be wearing her clothes inside out, and will be sending a selfie to Twitter at @RudeRecord and also to #insideout


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