Dumped Duffle

The Duffle Coat featured in this video was saved from the point of landfill. Yes, the big dirt hole in the ground where our household rubbish is dumped. The coat was in reasonable condition but the sleeves’ hems were down and the two patch pockets were falling off.

This Duffle Coat with sleeves was too big for me. And the pockets were stitched too high up on the front panels for my long skinny arms.

I made a decision after the coat had an overnight stay in the freezer to felt it. I was then going to cut it up to make buntings and wool trivets. After felting, the coat shrunk slightly but it was still oversized. But I was getting the guilts about cutting it up and upcycling it into something else.

That’s when I remembered I had admired last season’s trend of the coat vest or gilet. With enthusiasm I went about cutting out the sleeves from the body of the coat. After trying it on minus its sleeves it was a REvelation in REcycling and REinvention. I was feeling rather smug that the REsult was actually quite stylish. Whether in fashion or not, for this forthcoming Australian winter, I do not care a bit. My REnewed duffle vest coat is like a snug blanket.

In the video you will see that I have made a few changes to make the coat a bit more colourful and contemporary.


Named for the Belgian town of Duffel where the thick, coarse, woollen material was originally sourced, traditional duffle coats will usually feature a hood with a button neck strap and tartan lining, a series of toggle fastenings made from wood attached to rope or leather, and two large pockets with flaps.

Sailors from the Royal Navy were the first to champion the duffle during WW11 mainly to keep their delicate bits from freezing off; the toggle enclosures could be unfastened while wearing thick gloves and the hoods were designed to fit over peeked navy caps. But while the duffle found its best endorsement in WW11 hero Field Marshal Montgomery, who was such a fiend for the coat that its alternative name is The Monty.

Sourced from Frankie Magazine Issue 46 pg 102

My Monty video has been mentioned by US Journalist and sustainable fashion writer Amy DuFault as follows:


For those who are interested here is Part 1 of the duffle coat REmake

Beat the Man and save money by REvamping quality clothes utilising your own sewing skills or those of a tailor/seamstress. Save the planet by keep woollen garments out of landfill as decomposing wool releases methane into the atmosphere.


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