Scavenger Style

Scavenger StyleReese in shorts M article Jan 2013

I am a very low maintenance gal. I have always been drawn to the different and eccentric but in a frugal fashion (pun intended). I am not really interested in the mainstream notion of ‘acting and dressing my age’ whatever that means. I just like to be me not someone else’s version of who I should be.

I have read some fashion articles about how women in their 50s should dress. These articles recommend that women in this decade of life, like me buy good quality statement pieces that look classical and are well fitted. There is limited advice on how to look great in your 50s with garments that have been scavenged and RE-scued from amongst the garbage at point of landfill. Why? The minority who do it would be too embarrassed to admit it. Not me, it is all part of my game Beat The Man. The game strategy for me is to look and feel good at a price that beats the charity store prices. Why? In my opinion these stores are now part of mainstream consumerism which I am against.

Scavenger Style is a term coined my me to explain how I dress and showcase my scavenged finds. I must clarify that this is a different style to Charity Chic where items have been sorted. And where clean, good quality items are hand-picked for shop display and sale.

Scavenger Style is rude and raw. To get this style you have to scrounge through what the likes of the charity shops have dumped. Or what people have discarded believing items of clothing are not worth taking to the charity shop on the high street. Many of the items are reasonably clean but are thrown in with the smelly, torn, stained and dirty. Many garments are damaged in some way and may require mending. Mending and RE-fashioning skills are required to make the most of Scavenger Style. Also the creative vision to foresee the desired result from the undesirable.

After spotting the above photo of Ms Witherspoon (M Magazine January 12, 2014 pg 6 by Maggie Alderson), and liking the outfit she was wearing, I happened upon a Millers brand shirt at point of landfill. Millers is an inexpensive brand targeted at the mature woman. The garment had sequins over it which were damaged and falling off their threads. It has since been soaked, washed, line dried and the sequins have been removed. The turquoise and brown coloured pattern and floaty smock shirt has been RE-invented.

The khaki cotton shorts were scavenged a few years ago from landfill, are a CKM brand and a comfortable favourite. The shoes were also RE-scued from landfill, as was the gold coloured cuff. The prescription sunglasses were purchased new last year.

Beat The Man and play the Scavenge Trashed Threads game.


3 thoughts on “Scavenger Style

    • Funny Andrea, I was thinking the same thing when you had summer and we were freezing in Melbourne. You were posting all your floaty refashions and I was rugged up in my winter woollies.

      Thank you for the comment on my top. I spotted its potential immediately. It is not a brand I would buy new as it is associated with mature ladies with a certain look. However I was willing to wear this top minus the sequins. I am mature and a lady but my style is unique not determined by fashion shops focussed on the mature woman.


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