Happy New Year

This video was recorded to wish a Happy New Year for 2014 to my good cyber friend Kevin G from Facebook group Marching Girls. Kevin assists me to administer the group.

In frugal fashion, I went in search of a uniform of sorts for this vignette. I sourced the black netball skirt from the point of landfill. It is Australian made and in very good condition.

I already had the Cromwell’s riding cap that I bought for $10 from a charity shop many years ago just because I liked it.

When I was marching in the 1970s I always wanted a feather in my cap. For this video I attached a red feather to the riding cap with a bulldog clip. The red feather was also sourced at the point of landfill.

And the jacket is a 1970s Australian made garment bought for $2.00 also from a charity shop many years ago.

My marching boots are my own and were purchased in 1970. I won Australian Best Junior Marching Leader in these boots in 1973.

Never be afraid to adult play. Beat the Man and have a fun time on a budget.



4 thoughts on “Happy New Year

  1. I like it how your things have lasted so long. My dad still has many of his sweaters from the 70s that still fit him, and he’s still wearing them! As for the trousers….different story! They don’t make them like they used to. Everything is made to last one season now.


  2. Thanks for your post Agy and for sharing. I like how you like that the things I have last a long time. I sometimes wonder where that ideal comes from. Certainly I grew up lower middle class and never wanted for much. My Scottish genes could play a big part in my frugality. But I also learnt to care for and maintain my possessions. I would even clean and polish my school shoes each night because I was grateful to have school shoes and an education! My father and mother were not so lucky and I would listen to their stories about severe disadvantage. My respect for things was therefore developed in early childhood. I would get awfully upset if anything of mine was borrowed and not treated with care or not returned.

    Happy New Year to you and your family

    PS Your post has jolted me into action. Now that four days of over 40 degree heat in Melbourne are over I must write another blog post ASAP.


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