just want to say

just want to say

Danny and I would like to thank those of you who are following Rude Record. We hope our posts inspire you all to be mindful of the way you consume.

We are debt free and reasonably well-off but we are not ‘old’ wealth. We have worked and saved very hard. This affords us the time and opportunity to share our lifestyle with you.

It’s the frugal lifestyle that enabled me to retire at 50 years of age, and Danny to work six weeks on and have six weeks off. We are able to spend more time together doing the simple things we love.

Should anyone have any questions or feedback about simple living and the make do and mend lifestyle we lead please do not hesitate to contact us.

Oh, and by the way, everything in the photo is pre-loved, including Karen.


4 thoughts on “just want to say

  1. Thanks, Karen, for the link on Facebook from TreeHugger about the Society to Prevent Giving Useless Gifts. I have added it to “WHOSE Birthday?” 2014 and have added your blog to my new Blog Review service. (I will announce it on Facebook within 30 days.)


    • Great to get your message Gerard. Thanks for adding our blog to your service and announcing it on Facebook. Speading the simple living message is a joy. It’s wonderful that there are people like you and us promoting the movement.

      I have a thought for you that you may be able to help me get my head around. Many people in Australia work hard to make a house they own or are paying off a home. Danny and I are interested in why many people do not want to stay at home and enjoy its comforts. Many are intent on dining out and/or travelling afar each holiday period. However, they have large homes with swimming pools, alfresco dining areas and theatre rooms. Why not have a holiday at home with no airport terminals, no risky aeroplane flights, living out of a suitcase and big financial expense etc?

      I look forward to receiving your thoughts.

      With thanks, Karen


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