Our TV Story

Our TV Story

This is one of our current TVs. It was RE-scued from the local landfill site probably before it was due to be collected by a recycling company to be downcycled. It now has a story and is no longer a Made in China planned obsolescence piece of junk.

Our TV Story:

We did not want to go and purchase a new TV because we know people are throwing them out after a couple of years of use, either because they want the latest model and/or the TV has failed in some manner.

We just happened to be dropping stuff off at local landfill and my husband spotted this TV. We lifted it into the car and took it home. A good clean inside and out, a new capacitor (cheap item) and the TV is working again. It was a very simple repair job and not too time consuming.

We have RE-scued a least six TVs in similar situations and we feel good that we are Beating the Man.

Read the articles that inspired this post by Rude.




2 thoughts on “Our TV Story

  1. Thanks jmlol for your expletive. It is awesome what Danny can do with the dumped and discarded. We think of the people behind the manufacture of these items. When we RE-scued the TV and started working on it, we remembered the efforts of the numerous faceless people who brought the appliance eventually to us. We respect and take pride in the obsolescent and imbue it with our values and meaning.


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