Supermarket Price Game

Supermarket Price Game

Know your prices when you go through the checkout as you may just Beat the Man and get a free item.

Danny likes to do the Sudoku for memory training. I like more practical memory games. When I go to the supermarket my challenge is to remember the prices of items that we are about to purchase. To remember a lot of items’ prices is a good workout for my brain and well and truly tests my memory.

In this scenario we were keen to see how much this item scanned for at the checkout. Of course no surprises for us,  it scanned at the full price of $17.99,  not for $13.99 and not for $10.00 as advertised in the photo.   If we had wanted it, we would have been entitled to a freebie.

We play this game all the time and check out scanned prices compared to shelf prices. We wonder how many people never check the pricing of items as they are scanned and miss out on getting a free product.

Beat the Man by playing the pricing game at the supermarket. Win and save at the same time.


3 thoughts on “Supermarket Price Game

  1. Every time I point out the item scanned at the wrong price I’ve been given the cheaper price (after they check with someone and hold up the queue for 5 minutes). It’s too much effort (and another 5 minutes holding up the queue) arguing that the product is meant to then be free under the supermarkets policy so I don’t usually argue the point.


  2. There seems to be so little that you can get away with these days, so make the most of the little things that you do. Jayne D’Arcy /Columnist

    Thanks Agy and Sarah for your comments.

    Agy what is supermarket policy in Singapore if something scans incorrectly?

    Sarah most people we know are like you and we acknowledge the effort and angst that can be involved. We are not entirely shameless and do think of others i.e. holding up the queue. However for us this is where we not only flex our consumer muscle but also our citizen muscle. We think of all the people who passed through the checkout and had no idea they were being scanned $17.99 for the product. Or did not know their rights and paid one of the lesser two prices. Then we do not feel so bad, infact we feel like we not only Beat the Man but we stood up for our fellow man too.

    More about citizen muscle here:


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