Pre-loved Pressies

What do you give people like my husband and me who are against consumerism for Christmas ? The answer to this question is in the green bag.

We too give recycled gifts and it is not as simple as walking into a mall and buying something you know will be in a specific shop.

We acknowledge the considerable time and effort by the giver of this green bag and its little gifts.

And we are happy to know the person has not wasted their money on us because we are unable to embrace and appreciate stuff that is new and shiny.

Danny and I have already started collecting gifts for 2014. If we come across something in a charity shop, at the local tip shop or via Freecycle that we think would be a nice gift for someone we rescue it, bring it home, clean it up and store it in our gift’s cabinet.

We have no guilt associated with this process. All the people we give pre-loved gifts to already have enough stuff, and whilst they may want more stuff they certainly don’t need more things.

I oftentimes gather they do not want our secondhand gifts and that is fine with us. As with new gifts they oftentimes do not want those either.

It’s the luck of the draw when it comes to gift giving. And our money is not there to be gambled away on a new gift someone may discard. We hedge our bets and go for pre-loved saving money in the process and hoping our gift will be liked and/or useful.

This is a favourite article of ours on the topic of secondhand gifts. A Rude recommended reading.


2 thoughts on “Pre-loved Pressies

  1. Love this Karen & Danny. Our family starting re-gifting out of necessity. When my in laws fell on hard times, they were distressed at not being able to “give” our children presents or money. I have spent years exasperated at the “stuff” my kids received at chrissy and birthdays. I was very bold and told my mother in law the kids do not need anything, especially new. As the inlaws are in their 80s and they want to downsize, I suggested they start giving their stuff away now to the (now young adults) as gifts. It was a like a lightbulb went off – last chrissy my twin daughters each got a beautiful evening bag each that MIL used in the 50’s – WOW the pleasure on that elderly lady’s face when she saw how excited the 20yos were to receive her vintage stuff – I reckon its better than dying and not knowing if your stuff is appreciated or not!


    • Thanks Janine for posting a comment and for your personal experience. There are many people we encounter that feel guilt over the giving or not giving of store bought gifts. It has been cleverly marketed to us over the decades that we must spend money on loved ones to show that we really care. Of course we know that’s not the case but many of us still get suckered into buying brand new stuff to ease the guilt and the fear.

      We are absolutely thrilled with a big smile on our faces to read your in-laws’ light bulb moment. And how switched on [pun intended] to get them to realise the value of vintage. We love your story.


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